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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for minors


 1. What is the minimum wage for minors?
For minors working in agriculture, the State of Connecticut, or any political subdivision of the State, the minimum fair wage is not less than 85% of minimum wage, which is $14.00 as of July 1, 2022. For minors working in other industries, the minimum fair wage it is not less than 85% of minimum wage for the first 90 days of employment. This is covered in Section 31-58 and Section 31-58a of the Connecticut General Statutes.
 2. Is there a sub-minimum rate that applies to minors in Connecticut?
Yes. Persons under the age of 18, except emancipated minors, shall be paid at not less than 85% of the minimum fair wage for the first 90 days of employment, except in institutional training programs specifically exempted by the commissioner.
3. What may an employee between the ages of 16 and 18 who has worked less than 200 hours and less than 90 days be paid?
A minor employee must be paid at least $11.05 (85%) per hour during the first 90 days of employment based on the current minimum wage rate set at $14.00.
4. Is there a checklist for minors applying for a Statement of Age/Working Papers?
Yes. Please see the "Checklist for Minors Applying for Statement of Age/Working Papers" page for more information.
5. What are the prohibited occupations and places of employment for all minors under the age of 18?
Please see the page for more information.
6. What are the permitted places of employment for 14 and 15 year-olds?
Please see the "Permitted Occupations for 14 and 15 Year-Olds" page for more information.
7. What are the time and hour restrictions for 16 and 17 year-olds?
Please see the "Time and Hour Restrictions for 16 and 17 Year-Old Minors" page for more information.

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