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A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities When Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut
Educational Employment/Professional Athletes

Under certain conditions and during certain time periods (See "Educational Employees"), former employees of educational  institutions may find their Weekly Benefit Rate reduced or eliminated because wages earned from such employers are removed from the Base Period as a result of disqualification.  When such a disqualification is in effect, only Base Period wage credits from non‑educational employers and/or educational employers not involved in the disqualification can be utilized to establish monetary eligibility.  The first Monetary Determination received by educational employees will always reflect all Base Period wage credits before disqualification. 

When wage credits from those educational employers involved in disqualification are removed from Base Period use, one of three things can occur:

1. There is no change to the Weekly Benefit Rate because there are sufficient wage credits from other employers remaining in the Base  Period and the average of the two highest quarters of wages remains unchanged.
2. The Weekly Benefit Rate is reduced because, while there are still sufficient wage credits from other employers to establish monetary entitlement, the highest quarters of wages has changed as a result of the removal.
3. The Weekly Benefit Rate is eliminated because there are not enough wage credits remaining from other (non‑disqualifying) employers upon which to establish monetary entitlement.

Whenever wage credits are removed because of such disqualification, a second Monetary Determination will be issued to you showing which wage credits remain and what, if any, Weekly Benefit Rate is in effect. 

This type of disqualification is only in effect during certain periods of time (between school or academic years, between semesters, during holiday, vacation, or recess periods); thus, it is possible that an unemployed educational employee could receive a lower benefit rate during disqualifying periods and the full rate during other periods.  If you intend to file for benefits during one of the periods listed above, you must advise a Tele-Benefits Line representative. 

This type of disqualification also applies to professional athletes during certain periods.  During such time periods only wages earned from other than non‑professional sports participation can be used to determine eligibility. (See "If You Are a Professional Athlete".) 

See also "If You Quit Part-Time Work,".

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