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A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities When Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut
Appeal Rights

Whenever a claim is denied, a written decision is sent to you.  The reason for, and period of, ineligibility will be explained.  Your decision will also give you information concerning your appeal rights.  You have twenty-one (21) calendar days from the mailing date of the notification in which to file an appeal.

You may file an appeal by:

  • Mailing or faxing your appeal to the Career Center.  Your appeal will be timely if it is received within 21 days of the decision denying benefits or if mailed, it bears a legible United States postmark dated within such 21-day period.

  • Using the Internet at within this 21-day period.

  • Reporting in person to your Career Center as soon as possible.  A member of the local staff will assist you in preparing your appeal, and if you wish, provide guidance in how to use various reference materials.

While waiting for the referee's decision, you should continue to file claims as scheduled so long as you are unemployed. 

Your Social Security number should be included on all correspondence.  If your appeal is late, the Appeals Referee cannot legally hear your case unless you show good cause for filing the appeal late. 

Once your appeal is filed or an employer files an appeal from the award of benefits, the Appeals Division will send you "A Claimant's Guide to the Appeals Process."  This pamphlet tells you everything you need to know about how to prepare for an appeal.  Read it carefully. 

The Appeals Division is an independent body and controls all phases of appeals processing.  If there is any change in your status which might affect your eligibility for benefits, you should contact the TeleBenefits Line to determine whether your claim can be reopened. 

The referee holds an informal hearing to which all interested parties are invited.  Again, you may bring documents or witnesses and be represented.  You will receive a written decision from the referee.  That decision may be appealed to the Board of Review by the claimant, the employer or the Administrator, within twenty-one (21) days of its mailing date.  It is very important to attend all hearings and to present all pertinent information.  Requests for postponement should be made to the office that issued the notice of hearing and will be granted only for good cause.

Instructions for filing such appeals appear following the referee's decision.  You should clearly identify the appeal as "Appeal to the Board of Review." 

Do not delay your appeal! 

If an appeal to the Board of Review is filed, the Board will acknowledge your appeal and provide an opportunity for you to submit a written statement in support of your case.  It is important that you tell the Board every reason why you think the referee's decision was wrong.  The Board will then review all the material in the case file and listen to the tape recording of the hearing before the referee.  A decision will be issued which will affirm (agree with), reverse, or modify the referee's decision.  If the Board feels that further information is needed, the case may be remanded (sent back) to the referee for a new hearing.  

The Board's decision may be appealed within thirty (30) days by an interested party.  Instructions for filing such appeals are contained in the Board's decision and must be followed carefully since such appeals are heard by the Superior Court. 

It is extremely important that your appeal be received or postmarked within the time limit allowed by law.  Failure to do so will result in dismissal of the appeal and the decision will stand unless you can show good cause for filing late.  If the last day for appeal falls on a day when  CTDOL offices are closed, the appeal period is extended to the next business day.

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