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A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities When Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut
Guide To Using The TeleBenefits Line - Filing Your Weekly Continued Claim 

Unemployment benefits are filed on a weekly basis and are paid based on a completed calendar week (Sunday - Saturday).  You will always be filing for weeks that have already ended, and normally you will be filing for the most recent week.

The information being requested when you file your claim is important to you and to the prompt processing of your claim.  You must report any wages for work performed or receipt of any other type of payment (vacation pay, severance pay, etc.) when you file your claim.  In addition, self-employment (or any work performed) should be reported, even if you have no earnings, since your availability for full-time work could be affected.  If you have any questions, contact the TeleBenefits Line for assistance.

Failure to report wages or other payments can result  in an overpayment and, if due to fraud, penalties and a loss of benefits.

If you are claiming a dependency allowance for a spouse, and your spouse no longer resides with you or begins to collect unemployment compensation, you must contact the TeleBenefits Line.

Where do I find the information I need?

From these options

You can access

Continued claim filling (requires a PIN and authorization)

1. File a claim for the previous week

Account status (requires a PIN)

1. Find out if your check was mailed
2. When it was mailed
3. How much it was for
4. What your balance is

Initial Claim Filing (requires a PIN)

1. File a new claim
2. Resume filing a new claim
3. Re-open an existing claim

Employer information* (available to everyone)


1. Who is required to register
2. What remuneration is subject to unemployment tax
3. Employer registration information
4. Information concerning an appeal
5. Additional information

  • Experience rating or charge information

  • Tax contribution information

  • Delinquent account information

  • Cafeteria plan information

General eligibility information (available to everyone)


1. Career Center hours and locations*
2. Information on how to file a new claim, eligibility
    for unemployment benefits, and tax withholding of
  • How to file a new claim
  • How benefits are determined
  • How quitting or getting discharged affects    eligibility
  • Information on withholding taxes for            unemployment benefits

3. How part-time earnings affect eligibility

4. Instructions concerning scheduled appointments or
    a move out of the area

  •  If you missed or will be unable to keep an appointment

  • What to do if you move out of the area

* Not offered in Interstate

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