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A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities When Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut
Combined Wage Claim - Work In More Than One State

All states currently participate in a federal program entitled, "The Interstate Agreement for Wage Combining."  Under this program, an individual who has wage credits in more than one state can elect to have those wage credits combined and used in the Base Period of the state of current residence.  By doing this, you may be able to establish monetary eligibility that would not be possible otherwise.  Wages can also be combined to increase the Weekly Benefit Rate up to the maximum allowable under Connecticut law.

You can file a claim under the Wage Combining Program and have Connecticut pay benefits when:

  • You have some wage credits in Connecticut's base period and wages in one or more other states that are also in Connecticut's base period.

Combined Wage Claims take longer to process than regular claims as we must correspond with other states and verify wages.  Every attempt is made by all states to process these claims as quickly as possible. There are several other important factors common to all states that you should know.

  • Wages from other states that are not paid in Connecticut's base period cannot be used for combining.

  • Once wages from other states are assigned to Connecticut, they are no longer usable as wage credits in the other state.

  • If the wages that are provided to Connecticut from another state do not make you eligible or increase your benefit rate, we will restore them to that state.  This may allow their use at a later date.

  • Combined Wage Claims filed in Connecticut, with this state as the paying state, are governed and paid in accordance with Connecticut law.

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