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1. What training is available for me?
The Department of Labor refers applicants to appropriate training programs and/or providers, depending upon the needs of the individual and a variety of eligibility criteria. Some individuals need to change occupations, while others need to upgrade their skills to those which are currently needed by today's employers. Other individuals simply need to enhance their job seeking skills and are able to participate in a variety of workshops such as: Fundamentals of Résumé, Writing Job Search Strategies, Interviewing Strategies and Techniques and LinkedIn.

2. Do I need to be unemployed to access Department of Labor employment and training services?
Anyone who is seeking work or employment-related services can be served by the American Job Centers. Many people who are interested in changing jobs, finding part-time work, or looking for information on training in order to be able to pursue a different occupation, access Department of Labor services.

3. How do I know what occupations are currently in demand in my area?
Department of Labor staff have access to a variety of labor market information publications which offer current statistics as well as forecasting information. These publications also describe what education and/or training is necessary to pursue different occupations. Additional information can be found at our LMI for Job Seekers page.

4. I'm thinking about moving out of this area. Is there any information available about jobs in other parts of the state
or in other parts of the country?
TJob listings available through CTHires , CTDOL’s state job bank are statewide, so it is possible to inquire about jobs anywhere in Connecticut. The National Labor Exchange (NLX), also available in the American Job Centers, offers a listing of jobs across the United States.

5. I don't think that my employer treated me fairly. I think (s)he discriminated against me. Is there anyone I can complain to?
In each of the American Job Centers Centers, there is an individual who has been designated as the Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action representative. This person will discuss your situation or problem with you and will then refer you to the appropriate agency to file a formal complaint, if one is warranted.

6.Can an employer require me to take a drug test before I am hired?
Yes, Connecticut Statute, Public Act No. 87-551, allows an employer to require prospective new employees to submit to a urinalysis drug test as part of the application procedure, provided that the applicant is informed, in writing, at the time of application, of the employer's intent to conduct such a test and that the test is conducted in accordance with reliable methodology.

7.Do I have to go to work at a company where there is a strike or labor dispute?
The Department of Labor is prohibited from assisting employers who are trying to fill openings that are vacant due to a strike or a labor dispute. However, if there are positions available at such a company which are not a part of the dispute, we may take a job order to fill those positions. You would be informed that a labor dispute existed at the company, and if you still chose to apply, we would have you sign a waiver attesting that you knew of the existence of the dispute.

8. How do I find employment with the State of Connecticut?
Many State of Connecticut positions require passing either an entry level or a job-specific examination. The State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services is responsible for announcing examinations for positions with the State of Connecticut. It posts current exam announcements as well as non-exam positions on the Dept. of Administrative Services Web Site, and provides links directly to "Other Agency Employment Opportunities".    Individuals who are interested in State employment may want to contact the agencies for whom they would like to work, and inquire what the application method is for any position of interest if that information does not appear on the agency web site.


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