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Emergency Evacuation Plan

  1. In the event of an emergency necessitating the evacuation of the office, facility area, or any portion thereof, the supervisor in charge will immediately make repeated announcements over the public address system that an emergency exists and that all personnel in the danger area will evacuate the building in an orderly manner.
  2. As soon as an evacuation signal is given,____ ,____, ____ 
    or any and all supervisors will assume a station in the vicinity of the exit doors to receive reports that the building or buildings have been evacuated.
  3. When orders are given to evacuate, all supervisors will render assistance to those persons evacuating the building and shall begin an immediate check of each room or office to make sure that everyone has left the building.
  4. After being assured that a building or area has been completely evacuated,  supervisors shall report these results to the manager.
    1. If an evacuation occurs at night, the supervisors on duty will perform these assignments and at the first opportunity notify the manager.
    2. Shop evacuation will be performed in the same essential manner with one exception.  his is, notification of personnel in the shop will be handled by voice.  The shop foreman, assistant, and/or any employee (day or night) will declare an emergency and give the order to evacuate.
  5. Emergency telephone numbers of the Fire Department, Rescue etc. are posted in the Dispatch Office, Dock Office and other operating areas. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE APPROPRIATE EMERGENCY SERVICE BE CALLED IMMEDIATELY. If an emergency occurs during office hours, the manager and/or shop foreman will make the emergency telephone call. When an emergency exists after office hours, the supervisor in charge will make the call. 
  6. An emergency escape route chart will be posted in the office and basement. 
  7. Major workplace fire hazards and control will be discussed with local Fire Department authorities.  This information along with the aforementioned procedure will be discussed with all personnel in a safety meeting. 
  8. Emergency escape procedures from the dock and shop will be verbally discussed with all personnel and all new personnel prior to assignment. 
  9. The emergency evacuation plan will be revised when there are any physical changes to the facility or changes in evacuation assistance personnel.

Last Updated: April 17, 2018

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