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Workplace Emergency Action Plan  

1. An emergency escape route chart is posted on the workplace bulletin board, indicating by Department, a primary and secondary exit or escape route in the event of fire or emergency.  Department supervisors are to insure that all employees within their department are familiar with this plan.
2. In the event of an emergency within the workplace, such as a fire, the supervisor in that department will immediately make repeated announcements over the paging system that an emergency exists and will indicate the areas to be evacuated (if known). Otherwise, announcements will be made to evacuate the entire workplace.
3. In the event of an emergency notification from outside the workplace, such as a bomb threat, the person receiving the call will immediately make repeated announcements over the paging system to evacuate the entire workplace.
4. When an evacuation signal is given, each supervisor involved will assume a station in the vicinity of the designated exit.  The supervisor will insure that all personnel are evacuated and will provide assistance to employees requiring same.  If possible, supervisors will insure that mobile and other equipment is safely removed from the area.
5. Once evacuated, all employees will then proceed to a previously designated accounting area for an additional head count by their supervisor.  Supervisors will then report their department's status to the workplace manager or individual in charge.
6. Should medical attention be required, first aid will be given by supervisors and others trained in first aid. 
7. Emergency telephone numbers are posted in the workplace, at the time clock and are listed below.  It is essential that the appropriate emergency service be called immediately.

FIRE: ________________ 


AMBULANCE - RESCUE SQUAD:_______________ 



Last Updated: April 17, 2018

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