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CSBLR (Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations) General Information


The State Board of Labor Relations defines and protects the statutory rights of public sector and some private sector employees to form, join or assist labor organizations.  It encourages and protects the right of employees and employers to bargain collectively and remedies certain practices on the part of employers and employee organizations (unions) that are detrimental to the collective bargaining process and to the general public.  


The State Board of Labor Relations administers the major portion of four collective bargaining statutes covering state and municipal employees, public school teachers and certain administrators and some private sector employees.  The statutes are:  (1) The Municipal Employee Relations Act (MERA), Conn. Gen. Stat. §§7-467 et seq.; (2) The State Employee Relations Act (SERA), Conn. Gen. Stat. §§5-270 et seq.; (3) The Teacher Negotiation Act (TNA), Conn. Gen. Stat. §§10-153a et seq.; and (4) The State Labor Relations Act (SLRA), Conn. Gen. Stat. §§31-101 et seq.  


The Labor Board is a quasi  judicial agency that conducts hearings and issues decisions.  Under the statutes it administers, the Board is empowered to decide prohibited practice complaints and representation issues.  It also has the power to promulgate regulations, decide scope of bargaining issues, and issue declaratory rulings. 

The Board consists of three regular members and any number of alternate members.  The regular members are appointed by the Governor for four year terms coterminous with the Governor.  The alternate members are appointed for one year terms.  The members are not separately designated as “neutral”, “management”, and “labor” members, unlike the members of the State Board of Mediation and Arbitration.  Hearings are conducted by a panel of three, although Board regulations allow for two members to constitute a quorum.


The Agency is administered by an Agent who directs a staff of four Assistant Agents and a clerical staff.  The Agent and the Assistant Agents investigate all representation petitions and complaints; hold informal conferences with the parties regarding these matters; and attempt to mediate settlements.  By this process, most disputed questions or entire cases are settled.  Finally, the Agent makes an initial determination as to which cases should be presented to the Labor Board either by issuing a report recommending dismissal or by referring the complaint for a hearing.  The Agent also may issue an Order of Election in disputed cases. 

The Board is advised and represented in all legal matters by the General Counsel and Assistant General Counsel who are assisted by and clerical staff.


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