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Index of Procedural Orders (1997 - Present)

The following index provides links to procedural orders issued by the Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations.  The orders are listed below by Respondent in date order.  Orders may be accessed by selecting the Respondent or Case Number.  Orders available from this site are intended for reference purposes only.  Users should contact the Labor Board for official hard copies.

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Municipal Employees Union Independent (MEUI) (Motion to Quash)


March 12, 1997

Borough of Naugatuck (Motion to Preclude) MPP-17,699 March 17, 1997
City of Waterbury (Motion to Stay) MPP-14,838, MPP-14,839 June 24, 1997
State of Connecticut DOE (Motion to Sever) SPP-16311, SUPP-16,312 October 29, 1997
City of Bridgeport (Hearing) MPP-17,684 December 12, 1997
Town of Wallingford (Motion to Amend) MPP-18,777 March 2, 1998
Ferguson Library (Jurisdiction) E-17894, U-18,090 March 24,1998
State of Connecticut DOE (Motion to Compel) SPP-16311, SUPP-16,312 May 14, 1998
Norwalk Board of Education (Motion to Stay) MUPP-13,920, MUPP-13,912, MPP-13,922, MUPP-14,569, MUPP-14,698 June 9, 1998
Ferguson Library (Objections to Election) E-17894, U-18,090 December 30, 1998
Town of Orange (Evidentiary) MPP-20,273 September 22, 1999
Town of Groton (Denial of Motion to Preclude Defense) MPP-18,169 May 12, 2000
Anthony Parente (Motion to Dismiss) TUPP-22,263 August 16, 2002
City of Waterbury (Evidentiary) MPP-22,454 October 17, 2002
City of Waterbury (Motion to Stay) MPP-21,224 November 21, 2002
Borough of Naugatuck (Motion to Dismiss) MPP-22,693 January 3, 2003
CIPU Local #11 (Motion to Dismiss) MEPP-21,843 January 8, 2003
Borough of Naugatuck (Motion to Dismiss) MPP-22,693 February 14, 2003
Hartford BOE (Hearing) MPP-22,648, MPP-22,707, MPP-22,708, MP-22,779 April 9, 2003
Town of Wilton (Motion for Deferral) MPP-23,463 July 1, 2003
Town of Griswold (Motion to Dismiss) MPP-24,018 November 6, 2003
City of Bridgeport (Objections to Election) ME-24,268 February 23, 2004
City of Danbury (Request to Reopen Hearing) MPP-23,710 June 3, 2004
State of Connecticut, Judicial (Motion to Dismiss) SPP-19,994 August 4, 2004
Amalgamated Transit Union (Rulings on Motions to Dismiss) MUPP-24,662; MUPP-24,759; MUPP-25,142 January 24, 2006
Local 196, AFSCME, Council 4/Carla Boland (Ruling on Motions to Quash Subpoenas) SUPP - 25,083 March 9, 2006
Local 196, AFSCME, Council 4/Carla Boland  (Ruling on Motion to Quash Subpoena) Supp - 25,083 October 3, 2006
Local 196, AFSCME, Council 4/Carla Boland (Procedural Order) SUPP - 25,083 December 29, 2006
Town of Greenwich (Procedural Order) MPP-26,252; MUPP-26,255 March 6, 2007
Local 196, AFSCME, Council 4/Carla Boland (Procedural Order) SUPP-25,083 March 6, 2007
Town of Weston & Local 866, Council 4, AFSCME, AFL-CIO MPP-27,485 April 15, 2010
Woodbridge Public Schools & UE Local 222, CILU/CIPU, CILU #80 MPP-28,493 September 7, 2010
State of Connecticut, Department of Correction SE-29,381 October 11, 2011
State of Connecticut, Department of Correction SE-29,381 et al October 25,2011
Hartford BOE (Procedural Order) MPP-29,195 March 15, 2012
Hartford Public Schools (Procedural Order) MPP-28,975 May 1, 2012
Hartford BOE (Procedural Order) MPP-29,195 August 7, 2012

State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition & The Division Of Criminal Justice & Governor Dannel P. Malloy & The Connecticut Association Of Prosecutors & Lisa Herskowitz

SPP-29,298 October 12, 2012
State Employees Bargaining Agenda Coalition & Connecticut Department of Social Services & Governor Dannel Malloy & AFSCME, Council 4, Local 714 & Ronald McCleod SPP-29,727 April 30, 2013
Stamford Career Firefighters Association and Long Ridge Fire Company, Inc. & Donald Berg MPP-29,682 October 2, 2014
City of New Haven & Elm City Local C.A.C.P. & New Haven Firefighters Local 825 MPP-30,881 & MPP-30,919 April 10, 2015
City of Stamford & Stamford Firefighters Local 786, IAFF, AFL-CIO, City of Stamford/Long Ridge Fire Company & Stamford Firefighters Local 786, IAFF, AFL-CIO and Stamford Career Firefighters Association (SCFA) MPP-30,855, ME - 30,856 July 8, 2016
In the matter of City Of New Haven/Local 884 of Council 4, AFSCME And Jo Lynn Wilson Case No. MPP-33,222 July 1, 2019
State Of Connecticut Judicial Branch and - Local 749 of Council 4, AFSCME, AFL-CIO Case No. SPP-33,648 December 30, 2019

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