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The vast majority of unemployment compensation hearings in Connecticut are conducted in person.   However, where a claimant has established a claim by virtue of employment in Connecticut but has moved to another state, any appeal hearing resulting from that claim is conducted telephonically for both the claimant and employer.  Parties involved in intrastate appeals may also be allowed to participate by telephone for limited, good cause reasons provided in Section 31-237g-17 of the Appeals Division's procedural regulations.

Individuals who are scheduled to take part in telephone hearings are provided notice by the Referee's office of the specific date and time to place a call to a dedicated telephone number to start the hearing. If you use a cellular telephone, you are responsible for the charges billed by your provider. The following information, in addition to the general information about the conduct of appeal hearings contained in the Claimant's Guide to the Appeals Process and the Employer's Guide to the Appeals Process, is extremely helpful for parties scheduled to engage in a telephone hearing:

  • Begin to prepare for your hearing early by arranging for the participation of  any needed witnesses and by providing the Referee and all other parties copies of any documents that you wish considered at the hearing.
  • Do not use a pay telephone to participate in the hearing.  Most pay  telephones will not allow the Referee to call you back in order to conference you with other hearing participants.
  • Cellular telephones are sometimes subject to interference or loss of transmission not experienced by conventional telephones.  This may result in your inability to hear the questions asked by the Referee or the testimony of the other party. Therefore, it is preferable that you are in a stationary location during the hearing.
  • If you do not have a telephone with which to participate in the hearing, contact your local unemployment compensation office or American Job Center to arrange for the use of a telephone at that location.  Since these offices are busy, you will need to make arrangements well in advance of the hearing, which means immediately upon your receipt of a notice that the hearing has or will be scheduled in the near future.
  • Choose a quiet place from which to participate in the telephone hearing.  Do not have other people in the room with you unless those people are also taking part in the hearing.  Other potential distractions, such as radio or TV, should be turned off during the hearing.
  • The lack of visual cues makes it difficult for the Referee to know if participants engaged in a telephone hearing understand what is going on. Therefore, you should question the Referee if at any time during the hearing you don't understand what is happening, or cannot hear what isa being said by the Referee or other parties.
  • If you become disconnected during the hearing, hang up your telephone immediately and stand by while the Referee's office makes a new connection. If you do not hear from the Referee within 5 minutes, contact the Appeals Division.


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