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Please be aware that the American Job Centers, Appeals Division offices and CTDOL's Wethersfield offices remain closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Daily updates can be found on our FAQs.

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The Employment Security Appeals Division is an autonomous, quasi-judicial agency housed in the Department of Labor. Its primary function is to hear and decide appeals arising from decisions made by Connecticut's Unemployment Compensation Department, from which it is statutorily independent.

Where the individual has separated for reasons other than lack of work (quit or fired), or where he or she is otherwise the subject of an adjudication process, an examiner in a local office makes a determination relative to the individual's eligibility for benefits following a fact finding interview. An appeal can be made by the claimant where benefits have been denied, or by the claimant's employer where benefits have been awarded to the claimant and charged to the employer's account. Once an appeal is filed, the case enters the jurisdiction of the Employment Security Appeals Division. Click here for more information about the Appeals Division.


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