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Filing An Unemployment Appeal

You have only 21 calendar days from the date of the Administrator's predetermination hearing decision to file an appeal with the Appeals Division. Do not delay. Likewise, you have only 21 calendar days from the date of the Referee's decision to file an appeal to the Board of Review. Do not delay filing your appeal at either step.

How to File
Use the form available at any American Job Center, write a letter containing the basis for your appeal to the Appeals Division, or use the appeal form on the Internet.

Filing an Appeal
You may file an appeal through your ReEmployCT portal, which allows for prompt receipt by the Appeals Division. You may also file an appeal in person at any American Job Center or at any Appeals Division office, by mail or by fax. Representatives who lack access to the ReEmployCT portal may file an appeal by Internet, in addition to the other listed methods.

Preparing Your Case
Read the decision you received to determine the points of law that pertain to your case and what factors were used in reaching the decision. Determine what documentation and witnesses you will need to present a strong case. Proper documentation and credible, first-hand witnesses are vital to your success. See "Preparing for the Hearing" and "What Goes on at the Hearing" for additional information.

  • Documentation
    Records such as time cards, financial records, written warnings, employee handbooks, contract of hire, application for employment, medical records, police reports, and other agency reports (CHRO, Workers' Comp, rehabilitation reports, etc.) are examples of useful documentation.

    All documentation that you wish to present should be submitted to the referee and the opposing party as soon as possible after your receipt of the referee’s hearing notice. Documentation that is not received by the referee at least 24 hours before your scheduled hearing could be excluded. Parties may email, fax, or mail their documents as instructed on the referee’s hearing notice. The ReEmployCT portal does not permit parties to upload their own documents.
  • Witnesses
    Witnesses with first-hand, personal knowledge of the circumstances leading to the separation are vital to your case.
    Have those witnesses attend the Referee's hearing. Written statements by witnesses, even with first-hand knowledge, will be given little, if any, weight because the author is not available for cross-examination. See "What Goes on at the Hearing" for additional information.


Attendance at Scheduled Hearings
If you file an appeal and do not show up at the hearing, you will probably lose the case. You may be able to get another hearing but only if you can show good cause for not appearing, such as sudden, documented illness or a personal emergency. Overslept, on a job interview, unexpected appointment, forgot, someone did not remind you, lost the hearing notice, and similar excuses are not good reasons. The Referee's hearing will likely be your only opportunity for a hearing to present witnesses and documentation in support of your case. The Board of Review rarely conducts hearings. See "Once an Appeal is Filed" for additional information.

Requesting a Postponement
Ask for a postponement as soon as possible if you have an unavoidable conflict. Last minute requests are generally denied unless you have a real emergency, as described above. See "Once an Appeal is Filed" for additional information.

You may bring legal or other professional representation to the hearing if you wish. However, witnesses with first-hand knowledge are still vital to the success of your appeal. Please read the above section about WITNESSES again. A list of free legal services  is provided in the section "Free Legal Services". You may also request a list of independent hearing representatives by completing the web form.   See "General Information", "Preparing for the Hearing" for additional information.

Free Video
The Appeals Division has a twenty-minute video explaining the appeals process and showing you what goes on at the Referee's hearing. The video is available for viewing on this website. You may request that a copy be mailed to you if you cannot view it by calling the Appeals office nearest you, or filling out this online form.

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