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Filing A Claimant Appeal On-Line

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Important notice to claimants seeking Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Under federal guidelines, you must first be denied regular unemployment benefits in order to be eligible for PUA benefits. If your application for regular unemployment benefits was denied and you are seeking PUA benefits, you may now immediately apply for PUA—you do not need to appeal the regular unemployment decision denial. If you do appeal the UI denial decision, the appeals referees and board can only make a decision on regular unemployment, they cannot award PUA benefits. You must apply separately for PUA by going to and clicking on the red button.

You have the right to pursue PUA benefits and appeal the denial of regular unemployment benefits at the same time, although ultimately you may only collect one type of benefits for any given week.

Please select one of the following choices for filing an Appeal or Motion To Reopen.

  1. Claimant's appeal to Referee (from local American Job Center decision denying benefits.  This includes out-of-state claimants who have been denied benefits at the first level.)
  2. Claimant's motion to reopen a Referee's decision (Do not choose this option if your intent is to appeal the Referee’s decision to the Board of Review.)
  3. Claimant's appeal to the Board of Review (from Referee's decision)
  4. Claimant's motion to reopen a decision of the Board of Review
  5. Claimant's appeal to the Superior Court (from a decision of the Board of Review)

If you would like more information about the appeals process, please refer to our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for claimants.


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