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A Guide to Prevailing Wage Laws in Connecticut


1. Introduction

Public Contract Compliance Unit

Summary of the Prevailing Wage Law

Summary of Changes in Prevailing Wage Law

Annual Adjustments Notice

10 Hour OSHA Construction Safety & Health Course


    2. Information for Contracting Agencies

3. Information for Contractors and Subcontractors

·         Investigation Process

·         General/Prime Contractor’s Liability

·         Contractors Wage Certification Form (PDF, 39KB)

·         Who is Covered Under the Prevailing Wage Law?

·         Wage Payment Laws, Connecticut General Statutes Section 31-71 a-i

·         Time Record-Keeping Requirements: Section 31-60-12(c)

·         Civil Penalties Regulations for Wage Violations Regulations

   4. How to Calculate Prevailing Wage Payments

Certified Payroll Form WWS-CP1/CP2 (PDF, 727KB)

Prevailing Wage Components 

Sample: Completed Certified Payroll Form (PDF, 653KB)

Discharging Fringe Benefit Obligations

Fringe Benefit Credits Recognized by the State

Overtime Computations: “Blended Rate” and “Rate in Effect”

         ▪ Occupational Classifications
         ▪ Informational Bulletin: Occupation Classifications
         ▪ Certified Payroll Requirements
Sample Calculations
for Fringe Benefits Credits (PDF, 29KB)
for Registered Apprentice Rates (PDF, 28KB)
for Premium Overtime (PDF, 28KB)
for Multiple Classifications (PDF, 32KB)


5. Sample Prevailing Wage Rate Schedules 


   6. Website 

   7. Statutes

  • Section 31-53 - Construction, alteration or repair of public works projects by state or political subdivision; wage rates; certified payroll
  • Section 31-53a - Distribution of accrued payments, debarment list, limitation on awarding contracts, sworn affidavits required of subcontractors, civil penalty. Right of action
  • Section 31-53b - Construction safety and health course. Proof of completion required for employees on public building projects. Enforcement and Regulations
  • Section 31-54 - Rate of wage for work on state highways
  • Section 31-55 - Posting of wage rates by contractors doing state work
  • Section 31-55a - Annual adjustments to wage rates by contractors doing state work

1.    Federal Davis-Bacon Act- Title 29, Part V (PDF, 226KB) 

2.    Appendix  

      • Appendix B - Changes in the Projects covered by Connecticut Prevailing Wage Law
      • Appendix B-1 - Dates Specific Projects First Covered by Connecticut Prevailing Wage Law

·         Appendix B-2 - Penalties for Failure to Comply with Components of the Prevailing Law

·         Appendix B-3 - Changes in Process for Determining Prevailing Wage Rates

·         Appendix C - Status of Prevailing Wage Laws in Individual States

·         Appendix D - Public Act 11-63 An Act Concerning Construction Safety Refresher Training Courses

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