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Filing For Benefits While Working Part-Time

To receive partial benefits, you must establish monetary eligibility and:

  • You must be able to work and available for work as defined by law.
  • The number of hours you are working or worked during a week must be less than the number of hours customarily considered full-time for that job and/or employer. 
  • The reason for working less than full-time must be lack of work or because the job is part-time by choice of the employer.

How are partial Unemployment Compensation Benefits computed? Your payment for partial benefits will be figured by taking two-thirds of your gross earnings for the week claimed and deducting that amount from your Weekly Benefit Rate.

For example, if your weekly benefit rate for unemployment is $200, and you work 5 hours at $12/hour - then 2/3 of your gross earnings ($60) or $40 would be deducted from $200, leaving you a check amount of $160.  You also still must be able, available and looking for full time work. 



  • WBR = $200.00 

  • 5 hours X $12/hour = $60 

  • $60 – 2/3 = $40 

  • $200 - $40 = $160.00

You MUST report your gross earnings* for the week in which you worked the hours (not for the week you received your paycheck for those hours)

*Gross Earnings: wages you earn before taxes are taken out. Claimants paid hourly compute this as the hourly rate multiplied by the amount of hours worked.


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