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IMPORTANT NOTE: Verify you completed the form and all information is accurate and matches your filed claim before you submit it.

You have accessed this page because you received a notice stating that you accessed or changed your ReEmployCT unemployment benefits payment method, mailing address, email address, or password and you are certifying that you did not authorize this change.

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I certify that I am the claimant indicated below.  I understand that the law provides penalties for making false statements or any misrepresentation to obtain unemployment benefits. 


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Based on the notice I received, I am reporting that (select any that apply): 

I did not change my ReEmployCT unemployment benefits payment method.

I did not change my mailing address on my ReEmployCT unemployment benefits account.

I did not change the password on my ReEmployCT unemployment benefits account.

I did not change my email address on my ReEmployCT.

I did not create a ReEmployCT unemployment benefits account.


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