I did not receive my benefit payment

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  System would not allow me to file.

  I was out of the country from   to 

  I was out of the state from   to 

  I failed to file the prior week and the system told me to speak to a customer service representative.

  No work was offered by my employer during the week of  

  I work as an “as needed basis” or per diem, i.e., work on work off.

  I was not physically able to work due to medical reasons.

  I was not available for all hours schedule during the week of 

  I answered the weekly continue claim questions incorrectly.

  I received severance and vacation pay:

  • severance pay: $   hours

  • vacation pay: $   hours

  I received a pension.

  I was trying to enter my earnings and the system will not take it. My gross earnings are: $

  My benefits are on hold.

  Bank account information updated - please reissue my payment(s)


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