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Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)


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 Apprenticeship through the TAA Program | Possible TAA/Apprenticeship Scenarios | Employer Testimonials

Possible TAA/Apprenticeship Scenarios

Expectation of Suitable Employment

a. TAA participant is matched with an apprenticeship opportunity with assistance from the TAA Coordinator, State Apprenticeship Office, and counselor.
b. TAA funds can be used toward apprenticeship in the following ways:
    i. related instruction (e.g., classroom and distance learning)
    ii. tools
    iii. uniforms
    iv. equipment or books
    v. On the Job Training (104 weeks max.)

c. This funding can continue until the worker reaches “suitable employment” or 130 weeks, whichever comes first.
    i. Suitable employment is defined as: work of substantially equal or higher skill level than the worker’s past adversely affected employment, and wages for such work at not less than 80 percent of the worker’s average weekly wage.


a. TAA-eligible worker is at least 50 years old.
b. The worker has secured a position as an apprentice in an apprenticeship program.
c. Annualized earnings less than $50,000 annually.
d. The benefit:
    i. As s/he continues to work through the apprenticeship levels, s/he will receive a benefit to help her/him continue the apprenticeship program. The benefit may total 50% of the difference between the old and new wage.
    ii. These payments can be made for up to 2 years, but must not exceed a total of $10,000 and must be stopped if the participant’s annualized wage, which must be computed monthly, reaches $50,000 or more.
e. Note that this apprentice is still an active TAA participant, and is receiving benefits (RTAA)

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Interested? If you would like to learn more about work-based training opportunities for your business, please contact the Business Services Specialist (BSS) you have been working with, or follow this ling to find a BSS in your area:   

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