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Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund

Incumbent Worker Training Program


The Manufacturing Innovation Fund Incumbent Worker Training program provides financial assistance to Connecticut manufacturers for growing innovative and technology-based manufacturing business in Connecticut. The goals are:

  • To support advanced manufacturing and innovative companies in their efforts to train incumbent workers in the appropriate skills to meet current and emerging market needs.

  • To bring technological innovation to the market and help manufacturing companies leap ahead in productivity and efficiency by enhancing the skills of their current workforce.

  • To maintain sales and grow revenue and profitability.

The Manufacturing Innovation Fund Incumbent Worker Training program is a matching fund program to help manufacturing companies provide training for their workforce. It offers up to up to $25,000 maximum per employer, per six month period equal to the approved amount. For example, if a company is provided $25,000 in Manufacturing Innovation Fund Incumbent Worker Training program funds, the employer must also provide at least $25,000 in matching funds; totaling $50,000.

The program is administered by the Connecticut Department of Labor: funded through the Department of Economic and Community Development’s Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund.

Eligible manufacturing companies should complete and submit the Online Application Form below to be considered for funding opportunities. Eligible companies must strive to be an innovative and technology based manufacturing company. An innovative and technology based manufacturing company is any company innovating or adapting, developing or inserting new technology, contributing to the potential advancement of manufacturing or has been deemed so by the Commissioner of DECD and/or the Advisory Board. Keeping the above in mind, final determination of an innovative and technology project for purposes of the Program may be subject to review by the Advisory Board and/or the Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development. (Please refer to program requirements to determine eligibility.)

Timeline for processing an employer’s request is based upon the number of applications already received and the availability of funding. Eligible employers will be notified when their application is in the review process.

Please contact Bernice Zampano at (860) 263-6732 or via email at for further assistance with the program.

Program Requirements


  • Total proposed training project value must be at least $10,000 (in this case, $5,000 provided by the Manufacturing Innovation Fund Incumbent Worker Training program Program and $5,000 company match)Maximum award is up to $50,000, per employer, per calendar year.
  • A third-party vendor or service provider must be used to execute the proposed training project.
  • Applicants are required to match grant awards dollar for dollar.
  • Companies receiving funds under this program are required to complete an impact report upon the completion of the training and additional project documents as deemed necessary by the process.
  • A commitment by the company to use the funding to implement the proposed training project.
  • Must be a Connecticut based manufacturer who has 2,000 employees or less and is registered to conduct business for not less than 12 months.
  • Eligible Incumbent workers are employees:
  • Employed in any of the following functions: direct/indirect labor including but not limited to

       production, information technology, logistics or research and development, engineers and

       production support.

o   At least 18 years of age

o   Working full time hours as defined by the industry


  • A proposed use of funding that is consistent with the "eligible activities" listed for the program. Typical uses of this funding include, but are not limited to the following training:

o   Upgrade and increase skills 

o   Industry Specific

o   Written and oral communication

o   Mathematics or science

o   Technical or technological

  • Companies applying for funds must be in "Good Standing" with the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) and the Department of Labor (DOL). Applications will not be considered complete unless in “Good Standing” with these departments. Clearances will be conducted for DOL. “Letter of Good Standing” must be requested from DRS. See link below to obtain request form for DRS “Letter of Good Standing.”

Online Application Form

When reviewing the application form to prepare for your submission, please note the following:

  • Applications must be fully completed to be considered for funding.

  • Applications must be submitted using the program's online form.

  • Companies must be in "good standing" with the DRS and DOL to be eligible to apply. 

       (Click here for DRS “Letter of Good Standing” request form.)

  •  Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that completion of the application form does not guarantee that your training proposal will be funded.

All applications are transmitted via secure e-mail.


1. Applicant Contact Information

 Company Name



 Company Website



 Contact Name



 Contact Title



 Company Phone



 Cell Phone



 Email Address



 Confirm Email Address






 Street Address









 Zip Code






2. Company Information


 Year Established                      



 Number of Full-Time Employees



 CT Business ID (if applicable)



 Federal Employer I.D. Number (FEIN)




Current with DRS and DOL?

Yes           No



Currently registered with the Secretary of the State's Office to conduct business in the state?

Yes           No



Is your company receiving any funding from the State of CT?

Yes           No       If yes, what program?



NAICS Code (select one):  


If other, please specify:


Company Structure (select one):  



Business Summary - Please provide below your company's background including mission, customers, products or services, suppliers, employee occupations, innovations, evidence of commitment to quality or continuous improvement of products or services for its customers.




Please describe below a brief description of your business and its growth/retention plan for the next 1-3 years.



Please describe below the criticality of the project as it relates to the company's growth/retention and execution of the overall business plan.



Please identify below the metric(s) to be used to measure the impact the funding will have on the business including an explanation of how these metrics relate to the program metrics. Program metrics include: Specific skills being trained for, number of anticipated trainees and their job titles, training resulting in higher skilled jobs, training resulting in launching of new products, higher revenues, etc.

3. Proposed Funding Use

Please describe below the type of training that your company plans to conduct.



Please describe below the purpose of the training, it objectives, and the measurable outcomes for the trainees and the company.



Please describe below the positions within the company that you plan to train.



Do you have a training provider in mind? If yes, who is it?



Why is this training important to your business and what are the benefits to your company

as a result of this training?


Project Timetable:



Contracting process is necessary to receive funding for training reimbursement. Please advise how soon after receiving approval that the project would begin and how long following commencement until the project would be complete.


 Number of days until start of project



 Duration of the project



 Projected start date



 Projected end date





Project cost:


Please enter estimated training costs here:


** Maximum award is limited to $100,000, Employer must provide 50% matching funds, in the form of cash.

** Example: if the total cost of the training is $100,000, the employer must contribute $50,000 in order to be awarded $50,000.


5. Certification & Signature

By checking this box , I, , certify to the best of my knowledge that the company meets the eligibility requirements for this funding and that all of the information provided herein is accurate as stated. I also understand that if awarded funding under the IWT program, that my organization will be responsible for providing matching funds  of at least 100% of the amount awarded.


200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109 / Phone: 860-263-6000
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