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There are many ways to find job opportunities. The more resources you use, the more jobs you will discover. Here is a list of resources to use to locate jobs:job hunting

  • Apply directly to a company: Visit a company to ask about job openings.

  • Community Organizations: Volunteering at non-profit organizations not only offers experience, but builds contacts and employment leads.

  • Department of Labor: Services are provided free of charge. Services include: Youth Center in the Career Resource Library, career counseling, computer, & internet usage, résumé supplies, phone, fax, and copier usage.

  • Internet: Post your résumé on-line for many different companies to view. Visit a company’s web-site to view job openings and apply on-line.

  • Job Fairs: Company representatives are available in-person to discuss available job openings.

  • Networking: Tell friends, family, and teachers that you are looking for work. Most people find jobs through word of mouth.

  • Newspaper/Classified Ads: Read through the newspaper to find out about job openings.

  • Employment Agencies: Also known as "temp agencies." You will be placed temporarily in a company, anywhere from one day to several years. Temporary work can lead a permanent job.

  • Public Library: Books on careers, résumé writing, interviews, and job search techniques are available.

  • School Career Centers: Almost every high school and college has a career center that offers counseling and job placement.

  • Yellow Pages: Companies are organized in the telephone directory’s yellow pages by the services offered or products produced. Call the Human Resources department to ask about job openings.

  • Mass Mailings: Mailing out a generic cover letter and résumé to several employers. Only 5% are read, since most of these correspondences are not addressed to a person and are unsolicited.

Published by the Connecticut Department of Labor, Project Management Office
Last Updated: March 14, 2011