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Résumé Preparationteen writing and thinking

Why do I need a résumé?

  • A résumé tells the employer what you have done in the past and what you can do for the company now.

  • A résumé provides an advance contact with the employer to generate interest in you so that the employer will want to interview you.

  • Your résumé is the tool you will use to sell yourself.

Before writing your résumé, think about:

  • The type of job you want to apply for and tailor your résumé around that type of job.

  • Yourself - what are your strengths and skills that you want to bring to the job.

  • The type of experience you must to have to do the job.

  • Quantifying your skills-tell the employer how well you did a task by mentioning a percentage or a number associated with the skill. Example - "Waited on an average of 20 customers per hour", "Answered 50 phone calls."

Published by the Connecticut Department of Labor, Project Management Office
Last Updated: March 14, 2011