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Networking is the best way to find a job.


  • Many jobs are not  advertised.

  • Approximately 85% of job openings are never advertised.

  • A "word of mouth" referral increases your chances of getting interviews.

How do I start to network?

  • Ask people you come in contact with every day. Start with relatives, friends, neighbors, and teachers.
  • Talk to them. Let them know the type of work you are seeking and the skills that you have.
  • One of them may know of a job opening where they work.


Make a list of all the individuals you could possibly contact to research companies and obtain job leads.

On the next page, in the left column, write the names and phone numbers of individuals and associations you will contact. In the right column, write the names of people, companies, and organizations where you are referred.

The list below will help you think of people and organizations you may want to include.

  • Friends

  • Former Employers

  • Friends of Friends

  • Neighbors

  • Friend's parents

  • Other Job Seekers

  • Relatives

  • School Contacts

  • Professional Associations

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Church

  • Social Clubs

  • Sport Leagues

  • Recruiters

  • Personnel Departments

  • Merchants

You are not asking these people for a job. Tell them you are looking for work, and that you need information on jobs.

Possible Questions:

  • What do they know?

  • Who can they introduce or refer you to?

  • What does the future look like for this occupation?

  • Who do they know?

  • Who’s hiring?

  • Who’s expanding?

Try to get at least one piece of useful information from every person you contact. This way you keep building your network of contacts and gathering job related information.

Published by the Connecticut Department of Labor, Project Management Office
Last Updated: March 14, 2011