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Tips for Dressing Appropriately

  • Cleanliness

    • Showered and neatly combed hair

    • Trimmed nails, clean hands

    • Light perfume or cologne

  • Clothing

    • Neat and pressed

    • Dark colors

    • No sneakers, sandals, shorts, t-shirts, or tight clothes

  • Hair

    • Clean and trimmed

    • Clean shaven and neatly trimmed facial hair

  • Jewelry

    • Limit rings-men avoid earrings

    • Conceal tattoos

    • Finger nails should be business length-no loud colors or designs

  • Manners

    • No gum chewing

    • Do not use slang words

    • Answer with yes or no not "yeah, nah, or uh-huh"

    • No swearing or smoking

    • Wait for employer to be seated or wait for employer to ask you to have a seat before you sit


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Published by the Connecticut Department of Labor, Project Management Office
Last Updated: March 14, 2011