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WIA Policy Memos

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

AP 13-07: Waiver Approvals (PDF, 276KB)
AP 13-05: Foreign High School Diplomas - Procedures (PDF, 93KB)
AP 12-09: Attainment of Credentials by Youth under Common Measures Procedures (PDF, 97KB)
AP12-01, Change 1: Data recording and Data Entry Classifications-Revised (PDF, 181KB)
AP 11-10: WIA Youth Follow-Up (PDF, 264KB)
AP 11-06: Basic Skills Testing under Common Measures (PDF, 556KB)
AP 10-04: Youth Employment and Training Activity Mandated Reporting (PDF, 64KB)
AP 10-02:  Youth Employment Activity Parameters Regarding Confidential Information (PDF, 52KB)
AP09-28, Change 1: Final State Youth Employment & Training Program Allocations for SFY09/10 (PDF, 25KB)
AP 01-07: Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Section 129 Competitive and Non- Competitive Procedures for Providing Youth Activities under Title I - February 23, 2001

WIA Policy Memos by Category

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