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WIA Policy Memos

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

AP 17-03Cash on Hand
AP 17-02: Budget vs. Expenditure Report and Policy
AP 17-01: 2017 Federal Poverty Levels (FPLs) and Lower Living Standard Income Levels (LLSILs)
AP 16-06: Reporting Requirements for Revised ETA-9130 Financial Reports
AP 16-05: 2016 Poverty Guidelines
AP 14-09: Quarterly Financial Reporting Requirements for the Job Driven National Emergency Grant (JD NEG); Form 9130b-NEG Regular Grants (PDF, 3.8MB)
AP 14-08: Reporting Requirements for CTDOL WIA Cumulative Quarterly Financial Report No. 9130a (PDF, 3.8MB)
AP 13-11: USDOL ETA 9130 Reporting per TEGL 13-12 as to Unliquidated Obligations (PDF, 104B)
AP 13-10: WIA Cash-On-Hand Policy (PDF, 662KB) - Attachments:
AP 13-02: Allowable Transfer Limits (PDF, 212KB) - Attachment:
AP 11-17: Revised CT DOL WIA Monthly Supplemental Financial and Fund Utilization Rate Report  (PDF, 127KB) - Attachment: CT DOL WIA Monthly Supplemental Financial and Fund Utilization Rate Report (EXCEL, 38KB)
AP 11-15: Federal Reporting Definitions of Disbursement, Encumbrance, Expenditure and Obligation (PDF, 550KB)
AP 08-01 Change 2: Revised Form 9130a to Report Formula Funds (non-ARRA) (PDF, 24KB) - Attachment: Revised Form 9130a (EXCEL, 21KB)
AP 08-01 Change 1: New WIA Quarterly Financial Reporting Forms (PDF, 23KB) - Attachment: Revised Form 9130a (EXCEL, 20KB)

AP 08-01:  New WIA Quarterly Financial Reporting Forms - WIA Formula Funds and 15% Governorís Reserve Funds (PDF, 25KB) - Attachments:

AP 07-01:  WIA Contract Closeout Guidance
AP 06-22:  Implementing the Salary and Bonus Limitation in Public Law 109-234
AP 06-03: WIA Audit Resolution Process
AP 01-04 Change 1: Allowable Transfer Limits  - September 28, 2006 (PDF, 28KB)
AP 01-04: Allowable Transfer of WIA Title I Funds - January 5, 2001
AP 01-03 Change 1: Reallotment and Reallocation of WIA Area Funds - January 28, 2002
AP 01-03: Reallotment and Reallocation Procedures - January 5, 2001
AP 00-17: WIA Financial Reporting Forms - October 17, 2000
AP 00-03: Request for Payment of Workforce Investment Act Funds and Status of  Funds Report - June 7, 2000

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