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WIA Policy Memos
Intake, Eligibility and Registration

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

AP 15-05: Dislocated Worker Eligibility
AP 14-02: 2014 Poverty Guidelines (PDF, 450KB)
AP 14-02, Change 1: 2014 Federal Poverty Levels (FPLs) and Lower Living Standard Income Levels (LLSILs) (PDF, 80KB)
AP 13-05: Foreign High School Diplomas - Procedures (PDF, 93KB)
AP 13-04: 2013 Lower Living Standard Income Levels (LLSILs) (70%) (PDF, 53KB)
AP 13-03: 2013 Poverty Income Guidelines (PDF, 45KB)
AP12-10: Certification of Dislocated Workers. Attachment: Eligibility and Certification For Dislocated Workers (WIA-5) (WORD, 86KB)
AP12-01, Change 1: Data recording and Data Entry Classifications-Revised (PDF, 181KB)
AP 11-25, Change 1: Selective Service Registration Requirements for Workforce Investment Act Programs (PDF, 55KB)
AP 10-20: Implementing Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses (PDF, 56KB) - Addendums (PDF, 83KB)
AP 10-15: Use of Term "Low Income" Under WIA (PDF, 45KB)
AP 10-11: Clarification of Foster Care and WIA Youth Eligibility (PDF, 49KB)
AP 10-09, Change 2: Puerto Rico Birth Certificate Law 191 of 2009 (PDF, 55KB)
AP 09-05: Revised I-9 Form (PDF, 37KB)
AP 06-16:  New Definitions Related to Program Participation, Exit and Performance under the Workforce Investment Act (PDF, 65KB)
AP 05-06 Change 1: Serving Military Spouses under the WIA Dislocated Worker Formula Grant (PDF, 24KB) - Attachment: Serving Military Spouses as Dislocated Workers Under the Workforce Investment Act Dislocated Worker Formula Grant (PDF, 179KB)
AP 05-06: Implementing the Veterans Priority Provisions of the "Jobs for Veterans Act" and Serving Military Service Members and Military Spouses under WIA Dislocated Worker Formula Grant (PDF, 29KB) - April 19, 2005
AP 01-16: Guidance to WIB Areas on Client Registration and Flow Process - April 23, 2001
AP 00-21 Change 2: Change in Documentation Requirement for Youth Committed to the Department of Children and Families -
August 22, 2001
AP 00-21: Final WIA Eligibility Documentation Guide - December 21, 2000
AP 00-12: Veterans’ Priority in One-Stop Centers and Satellites (Hard copy only)
AP 00-08: Definitions Necessary for Low Income Determination - July 3, 2000
AP 00-07 Change 2: Additional Methods for Calculating Annualized Income (PDF, 32KB)
AP 00-07 Change 1: Change in Definition of Family Income for WIA Low Income  Determination - March 12, 2001
AP 00-07: Definition of Family Income for WIA Low Income Determination - July 3, 2000

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