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2013 Administrative Policy Memos


Last Updated: June 25, 2018

Memo Number Date Posted  Subject  Search Words
AP 13-11
(PDF, 104B)
11/07/13 USDOL ETA 9130 Reporting per TEGL 13-12 as to Unliquidated Obligations  
AP 13-10
(PDF, 662KB)
WIA Cash-On-Hand Policy - Attachments:
AP 13-09
(PDF, 99KB)
06/20/13 Tracking of Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) under Federal Waiver IWT, Incumbent worker training, CTWBS, waiver
AP 13-08, Change 1
(PDF, 89KB)
Final WIA Performance Outcomes for PY 2011 Attachment:
WIA Final Performance
AP 13-08
(PDF, 86KB)
Final WIA Performance Outcomes for PY 2011 Attachment:
WIA Performance
AP 13-07
(PDF, 276KB)
05/23/13 Waiver Approvals CJT, OJT, IWT, ITA, follow-up, common measures, ETPL
AP 13-06
(PDF, 79KB)
05/22/13 Rescission of Additional AP Issuances from Calendar Years 2000 - 2012  
AP 13-05
(PDF, 93KB)
04/30/13 Foreign High School Diplomas - Procedures High School Diploma
AP 13-04
(PDF, 53KB)
04/01/13 2013 Lower Living Standard Income Levels (LLSILs) (70%) Intake, Eligibility, Registration
AP 13-03
(PDF, 45KB)
04/01/13 2013 Poverty Income Guidelines Intake, Eligibility, Registration
AP 13-02
(PDF, 212KB)
Allowable Transfer Limits Attachment:
AP 13-01
(PDF, 88KB)
01/11/13 Rescission of Certain AP Issuances Concerning ARRA, WIA Measure Attainment under Core Measures, and Past Contract Issuances  

Rescinded Memos - 2013:
Memo Number Date Posted  Subject  Search Words

WIA Administrative Policy

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