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MEMO:  AP 06-09

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

DATE: April 17, 2006 

TO: WIB Directors; WIB Chairpersons; Grant Recipients 

FROM: Carl Buzzelli, WIA Program Manager 

SUBJECT: PY 06 Partial Adult and Youth Allocations and Final Dislocated Worker Allocations

America's Workforce Network

Background: We have received notification of partial PY 06 funding allotments for the adult and youth funding streams of WIA.  We have also received our final dislocated worker allotments.  The adult and youth allotments received by the state are based upon Connecticut receiving 90 percent of its previous year’s allotment percentage.  This is a hold harmless figure for the state.  We expect our final allotment to be issued some time after July 1, 2006 when USDOL will have been able to recalculate state allotments based upon revised areas of substantial unemployment data (ASU) as discussed with you previously.  The state’s allotments at that time may either remain the same or increase, based upon the effect of the revised ASU data. 

To allow time to plan PY 06 budgets, we have calculated allocations for adults and youth utilizing the state’s hold harmless provisions.  When the state’s actual allotment for these funding streams is received we will need to recalculate local area allocations, but the amounts you are receiving here are your minimum funding levels. 

Please be further advised that your dislocated worker allocations are based upon final allotment data. 

Policy: Listed on the next page are PY 06 partial allocations for adult and youth funding streams, along with PY 06 final dislocated worker allocations.  Please utilize these amounts when your PY 06 contract package is issued.

Area Partial Adult Partial Youth Final Dislocated Worker  Total 
Southwest $1,074,589  $1,163,118  $1,514,443 $ 3,752,150
North Central $1,675,045  $1,863,835 $1,962,285 $5,501,165
South Central $970,171 $1,197,269  $1,504,626  $3,672,066
Eastern $506,682 $648,285 $833,509 $1,988,476
Northwest     $776,804      $826,883 $1,295,464 $2,899,151
  ------------- ------------- ------------- --------------
Total $5,003,291 $5,699,390 $7,110,327 $17,813,008

Additionally, we have been notified that Congress has acted on 1 percent rescissions to 2006 appropriations that affect PY 05 state allotments.  These rescissions will result in the state as a whole, losing $58,871 in adult funding and $78,649 in dislocated worker funding.  We have also been informed that the state will receive $1,893 in realloted dislocated worker funds to be added to our PY 05 allotment. 

We will calculate the effect of the rescissions and reallotment on each area’s PY 05 funding streams and instruct areas on how to address these revisions. 

If you have any questions on issues addressed in this policy, please contact your area representative or Steve Litke at (860) 263-6599.

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