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MEMO: AP 02-09

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

DATE: June 19, 2002

TO: WIB Directors; WIB Chairpersons; Grant Recipients

FROM: Lorna Joseph, Director of Program Support

SUBJECT: 2002 - 2003 Targeted Communities Summer Youth Employment Project

America's Workforce Network

Background: While the Connecticut State Legislature has not yet officially appropriated funds for the operation of summer jobs and employment related education programs in 11 targeted communities, we have been provided with an estimated allocation of $616,656. Please remember that the figures contained here are only estimates and are contingent upon passage of the state budget.

Workforce Investment Boards are required to work with local Youth Services Bureaus for participant recruitment and worksite development. It is the intent of these programs to supplement the WIA Youth Program activities and the eligibility criteria are designed to reach young people outside the scope of WIA.

Workforce Investment Boards should expect to be contacted by representatives from the targeted communities. Please note that not all Boards received allocations. Only Workforce Investment Boards with allocations to local communities in the WIB area need complete a contract agreement.

Completed contracts are due by July 5, 2002 and must be submitted to:

Connecticut Department of Labor

Quality Program Review

Attention: Michelle LaRose

200 Folly Brook Boulevard

Wethersfield, CT 06109

If you have any questions, please contact your area representative.

Enclosure 1: Contract Package
Enclosure 2: Closeout Reports and Participant Application Form

****For above enclosures, please contact Michelle Larose at (860) 263-6592.  E-mail:

Department of Labor - Targeted Communities

Summer Youth Employment Project Requirements

The General Assembly has appropriated $616,656 to the Department of Labor to fund summer youth employment activities. The eleven communities that may receive funding are: Bridgeport, Hamden, Hartford, Meriden, New Britain, New Haven, New London, Norwalk, Norwich, Waterbury and Windham.

Participant Eligibility:

Age: 14 to 21 years (defined as individuals born between 7/1/81 and 7/1/88; under 16 requires parental consent).

Income: Family income less than 150% of the federal poverty income level relative to family size (members of families that receive Food Stamps, cash payments under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and General Assistance Programs are categorically income-eligible).

Residency: Must be a resident of the municipality for which funds are allocated.

Project Parameters:

Period: Employment of participants may occur between July 1, 2002 and September 30, 2002 (administrative activities may continue through October 30, 2002).

Wages: Participating youth must be paid a minimum of $6.70 per hour.

Hours: Participating youth may work between 15 and 25 hours per week.

Worksites: Public or not-for-profit entities; working conditions must comply with applicable health and safety laws, laws governing employment of minors.


Use of Funds: A minimum of 85% of the total allocation must be used to pay participant wages, up to 15% may be used for supportive activities necessary to ensure project participation, and up to 5% may be used for indirect costs related to project administration. The total of supportive activities and indirect costs must not exceed 15% of the total allocation.


Town Formula Formula WIB


- -



   The WorkPlace



   Capitol Region WIB


- -
New Britain



   Mid CT WIB


- -
New London



   WIB of Southeastern CT
New Haven


- -



   WIB of New Haven



  WIB of Waterbury



   Workforce One


- -

The formula allocations listed above are subject to Legislative approval.

Administrative Requirements:

Administering Entity: Workforce Investment Boards. Workforce Investment Boards are encouraged to work with Municipal Youth Service Bureaus for worksite development, participant recruitment and selection.

Contract Agreement: A completed contract includes a cover page, certified resolution, specific terms, project budget, plan of service and general terms. Submit one original and two copies of the complete package by July 5, 2002 to:

Connecticut Department of Labor

Quality Program Review

Attention: Michelle LaRose

200 Folly Brook Boulevard

Wethersfield, CT 06109

Uniform Application: DOL provided Participant Application form.

Plan of Service: Due July 5, 2002; DOL provided form.

Project Reporting: Close-out Report (fiscal and participant report) due October 30, 2002; DOL provided form.

Collective Bargaining: Employment of participants must not impair existing collective bargaining agreements or written concurrence of union required.

Payment: DOL intends to advance funds upon execution/approval of grants. Electronic fund transfer is not available for this project.

Department of Labor – Targeted Communities Summer Youth Employment Project

Standard Definitions

Applicant An individual who has submitted a completed application for participation in the Summer Youth Employment Project.
Cost Allocation The distribution of costs among cost categories to the extent of benefits received in such categories (Indirect, Supportive Activities and Participant Wages).
Eligibility An individual is eligible for participation in the Summer Youth Employment Project if that individual is 14 through 21 years of age on July 1, 2002, is a resident of the municipality for which the funds are allocated and is a member of a family:

a. that is receiving Temporary Family Assistance (State Cash Welfare) or

b. that is receiving Municipal General Assistance (City Welfare) or

c. whose income is less than 150% of the poverty income level relative to family size.

Family A family is:

a. an individual residing alone, or

b. a husband, wife, and dependent children, or

c. a parent or guardian and dependent children, or

d. a husband and wife.

Family Income The adjusted gross income reported on IRS form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ for the calendar year ending 12-31-01.
Hispanic A person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.
Indirect Costs The cost of those activities which are necessary to administer the program and from which participants realize no direct benefit. Indirect Costs may not exceed 5% and the combined costs of Indirect and Support Activities may not exceed 15%.
Participant An eligible individual selected for participation in the Summer Youth Employment Project.
Poverty Income The Poverty Income Levels relative to family size that are published annually by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. 150% of the Poverty Income Levels for 2002 are:

150% Poverty Income

Family Size


















For family size over 8 add $4,620 per family member.
Residence An applicant is considered to be a resident if that individual’s regular domicile is located within the geographic boundaries of the incorporated municipality for which funds are allocated.
Supportive Activities The cost of those activities which are necessary to enable an individual eligible to participate who cannot afford to pay for such services. Supportive services may include transportation, health care, special services and materials for the disabled, child care, meals, temporary shelter, financial counseling, and other reasonable expenses required for participation in the program. The cost of Support Activities may not exceed 15% and the combined costs of Indirect and Support Activities may not exceed 15%.
Wages The cost of wages paid to eligible participants. Wages shall be not less than the state minimum wage ($6.70 per hour) and shall be paid only for documented hours worked.
Work Experience A temporary activity which provides an individual with the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to perform a job, including appropriate work habits and behaviors.
Worksite A work experience assignment that is consistent with terms of this agreement.

Administrative Procedures Memos

200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109 / Phone: 860-263-6000

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