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MEMO: AP 02-01

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

DATE: March 11, 2002

TO: WIB Directors; WIB Chairpersons; Grant Recipients

FROM: Lorna Joseph, Director of Program Support

SUBJECT: Credential Attainment Under WIA

America's Workforce Network

During a recent review of each area's performance levels, we noticed that a number of areas had few or no individuals at all recorded as attaining a credential. Based upon these facts and discussions held with board staff, we felt it was necessary to clarify what the current criteria are for recording a credential for a WIA client.

Policy: The definition of a credential is taken from: Revised Workforce Investment Act Title 1-B Standardized Record Data (WIASRD), dated October 1, 2001:

A credential is defined as any nationally recognized degree or certificate or a State/locally recognized credential. Credentials will include, but are not limited to a high school diploma; GED or other recognized equivalents, postsecondary degrees, recognized skills standards, licensure, apprenticeship or industry recognized certificates. States should include all State Education Agency recognized credentials. In addition, States should work with local Workforce Investment Boards to encourage certificates to recognize successful completion of the training services listed above that are designed to equip individuals to enter or re-enter employment, retain employment, or advance into better employment.

Credentials must be obtained either during participation or by the end of the third quarter after exit from services (other than follow-up services).

Workforce Investment Boards can record these credentials on the WIA Placement Record or either of the WIA Follow-Up Records. The categories are:

  1. High School Diploma
  2. GED or Equivalency
  3. AA or AS Diploma/Degree
  4. BA or BS Diploma/Degree
  5. Occupational Skills License
  6. Occupational Skills Certificate or Credential
  7. Other

Please ensure that you are properly collecting and recording this information, as credentials are an important part of the performance measurement system for all parts of WIA. Please pay particular attention to the fact that local areas have discretion under the "Other" category as to the recognition of successful completion of training services. In all cases you should maintain documentation of the credential awarded.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Stephen Litke or Cynthia Cyr at (860) 263-6590. 

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