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MEMO: AP 01-26

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

 August 31, 2001

TO: WIB Directors; WIB Chairpersons; Grant Recipients

FROM: Lorna Joseph, Director of Program Support

SUBJECT: Eligible Training Program and Provider List (ETPL) Application Process

America's Workforce Network

Background: As we move into the second program year of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), we have learned a great deal about how to maintain the good relationship we have between state and local partners in the One-Stop system.  In keeping with this philosophy of teamwork, local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) staff, Department of Higher Education staff, Department of Labor staff, and the Office for Workforce Competitiveness have all participated and continue to participate in a workgroup.  The goal of this workgroup is to develop an overall guide to policy and processes around the maintenance, improvement and continued development of the ETPL and some ancillary issues concerned with data collection, individual training accounts and subsequent eligibility.

The most immediate and pressing issue was the need for flexibility in the time frames for adding new programs to the list.  The bi-annual process that was initially developed served well for the first year, but as time went on, the need for a more responsive system was made clear at the local WIB level.  The workgroup worked hard to modify the existing system to address both the need to expedite this process, and to maintain a high level of integrity within the system to ensure quality training to WIA participants in Connecticut.

Policy: Effective immediately, the Department of Labor, in partnership with the local WIBs, will adhere to the following two-part application process:

Part 1 applies to New Training Providers (and any programs they would like to offer) applying for initial eligibility and inclusion on the Eligible Training Program List (ETPL).  

  • Initial training provider/WIB contact is made and vendor wishes to list programs on the ETPL.

  • Lead Board (the lead WIB will be the one in which the provider's main campus or administrative offices are located) sends the provider a pre-application.

  • Provider returns the pre-application to the lead WIB.

  • The lead WIB sends the provider a full application, either A or B depending on Title IV status of the training provider.

  • The provider returns the completed application to the lead WIB and copies to any Secondary Boards.  (The secondary WIBs will be those in which the programs of instruction are actually located.)  The secondary WIBs will approve the programs in their areas and communicate their decision to the lead WIB.  The data entry responsibilities will remain with the lead WIB, while program approval and monitoring will be the responsibilities of the secondary WIBs.

  • The list of new training providers will continue to be approved at the local level and at the state level with the Department of Labor through UI Tax and Wage and Workplace review.

  • The lead WIB notifies the vendor of their approval status and/or the status of the programs they wish to provide.

  • This process occurs every quarter beginning July 1.  The first list of PY 2001 will be on the internet October 1, 2001.

Part 2:  Rolling Program Application 

  • Those existing training providers (already listed on the ETPL) who wish to add programs of instruction may do so at any time by filling out a shorter application detailing the programs they wish to add and submitting them to the secondary WIB or lead WIB, depending on location of program.  If it is a secondary WIB, they will review and approve or disapprove the program and notify the lead WIB of their decision.

  • The lead WIB will add the program to the online ETPL, or notify the training provider that the program was not approved and why.

  • This process will take place on a rolling basis, as needed.

We feel that this process accomplishes our goals of protecting WIA participants, as well as providing providers flexibility and timely responses to being on the ETPL.  The pre-application, application A, and application B are currently being revised by the workgroup.  Please use the existing applications until the new ones are issued. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact Cynthia Cyr at (860) 263-6596 or Stephen Litke at (860) 263-6599.  

cc: Adele DeFrancesco; Carl Olandt; Gary Pechie; Roger Therrien

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