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MEMO: AP 00-21 Change 3

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

DATE: January 21, 2003

TO: WIB Directors; WIB Chairpersons; Grant Recipients

FROM: Lorna Joseph, Director of Program Support

SUBJECT: Certification of Dislocated Workers
America's Workforce Network

Background:  In August 2000, AP 00-16 was issued to clarify and bring more consistency to the process of certifying dislocated workers under the Workforce Investment Act.  In general, substantiation and documentation continues to be a challenge.  This is particularly true for the last section of Factor A - "Unlikely to return to previous industry or occupation."  This modification to AP 00-21 lists additional documentation that may be used to validate this section.

General information on documenting "unlikely to return to previous industry or occupation" include: 

  • AP 00-21 which lists types of documentation allowable for verification of all categories in WIA Title 1; 

  • AP 00-16 which details definitions, documentation requirements, and additional aides to use in the process of certifying individuals as dislocated workers; 

(All APs may be reviewed on the Internet.  Go to the DOL Homepage, scroll down to "Workforce Investment," and then click "WIA Administration."  All complete APs applicable to WIA are there.) 

Additional information that could be used includes:

  • Documenting the limited number of employers in the state in a certain industry (i.e. mass layoffs in pharmaceuticals);

  • Newspaper articles regarding layoffs by various companies within the same industry; 

  • Letters from employers stating that certain skills are required for a job and/or what skills are no longer usable; 

  • old descriptions; 

  • Self-certification (PDF, 12KB):  This is a last resort, which should only be used if all other suggested items are unavailable or it will cause undue hardship for individuals to obtain.

Using the attached form (which is included in AP 00-21) the client may self-certify that s/he has applied for positions, with a minimum of four employers, in a certain occupation and there were no openings.  The employers should be identified on the statement and other relevant information such as position, industry, etc. 

The most important factor in documentation is to gather as much information as possible on which to base a decision and to substantiate every decision with notes on how that decision was made.  All of this documentation must be maintained in client folders to be available for review by monitors. 

Attached is an updated copy of AP 00-21, the Final WIA Eligibility Documentation Guide (PDF, 49KB), with these additions included. 

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Sanders at (860) 263-6583 or Stephen Litke at (860) 263-6599. 


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