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MEMO: AP 00-03

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

DATE: June 7, 2000

TO: Workforce Investment Area Grant Recipients (WIA Contractor); RWDB Directors; RWDB Chairpersons

FROM: Lorna Joseph, Acting Director of Operational Support

SUBJECT: Request for Payment of Workforce Investment Act Funds and Status of Funds Report

1. Purpose: To transmit the CT WIA #6 form, "Request for Payment of Workforce Investment Act Funds & Status of Funds Report", instructions for its completion, and other instruction to account for cash.

2. Procedures to Drawdown Cash by Electronic Transfer: Local area WIA contractors shall utilize the attached CT WIA #6 to draw WIA cash. The form is to be completed in accordance with the attached instructions. The request shall be signed by the contract signatory or may be delegated to another agent of the contractor. Such delegation shall be in writing, signed by the contract signatory, and on file prior to any request for cash.

Funds requested and approved shall be deposited by electronic transfer in an authorized bank account of the contractor. Each contractor shall provide to the CT Department of Labor, in writing, the bank and bank account number for deposit of WIA funds (a check marked "VOID" will be acceptable), signed by the signatory of the contract. Areas that elect to continue using the same account as JTPA shall confirm the bank and bank account number in writing, signed by the contract signatory. Written confirmation is required to be on file with the CT Department of Labor before any cash can be deposited.

Upon receipt of federal notice of obligation and agency approval (Commissioner’s signature) of local area contracts, the CT Department of Labor will issue a Notice of Fund Availability (NFA) to local area WIA contractors. Funds can only be advanced upon issuance of the Notice of Fund Availability. NFAs will be by year of appropriation, detailed by WIA funding stream (Youth, Adult, and Dislocated Worker), and total to the approved contract amount.

3. Procedures to Account For and Disburse WIA Cash: WIA cash shall be drawn down and accounted for on a Year of Appropriation basis, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), the Workforce Investment Act and Regulations, and applicable administrative requirements and cost principles.

Cash requests shall be limited to the minimum amounts needed and timed to be in accord with your actual, immediate cash requirements and disbursements to carry out the WIA. All requests should be rounded to the nearest dollar.

4. Submission: Electronic cash draw requests may be submitted by FAX or mailed to:

FAX Number: (860) 263-6027

ATTN: Sandra Kerlew

Mailing Address:

CT Department of Labor

Business Management Division

200 Folly Brook Boulevard

Wethersfield, CT 06109

ATTN: Sandra Kerlew

CT WIA #6 cash requests should be received by the CT Department of Labor on Monday by 4:00 p.m., including zero (0) requests, to ensure that agency approvals are secured and deposits can be made by Thursday.

5. Action Required: Local area WIA contractors are requested to assess their current cash request and accounting procedures for conformance with this memorandum and make adjustments, as appropriate.

6. Inquiries: Questions regarding this memorandum may be directed to either Carl Buzzelli at (860) 263-6012 or Sandra Kerlew at (860) 263-6022.



Item a. Name and Address of State Agency: Connecticut Department of Labor, 200 Folly Brook

Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109

Item b. Name and Address of Contractor: Enter your name and address as it appears on your

Contract face page.

Item c. Request Number: Enter the sequential number of this request.

Item d. Amount of this Request: Enter the amount requested. This number is the same as Section II, Line 7 in Column D "Total".


Line 1. Enter your contract number for each years’ allocation.

Line 2. Enter the allocation, per your NFA for each WIA funding stream, under the corresponding column.  

Line 3. Enter the prior advances received or in transit for each WIA funding stream.

Line 4. Enter the accrued expenditures to the date of this request in the column for each funding stream. This line is to be completed even if cash is not being requested for a particular funding stream.

Line 5. Enter the difference of line 3 less line 4.

Line 6. Enter your estimated cash needs for the advance period.

Line 7. Enter the difference between line 6 less line 5. This is the amount of your request against that funding stream’s allocation.

Line 8. Enter the sum of line 7 plus line 3.

Line 9. Enter the difference between line 2 less line 8.

Note: Each column corresponds the three (3) WIA funding streams (Adult; Youth; and Dislocated Worker). The last column is used to total the amounts across each line. Line 7 in Column D is to be entered at Section I, item d "Amount of this Request".

Item e. Enter the date of this request.

Item f. Affix the signature of the authorized official.

Item g. Enter the signatories official title.

Items h., i., and j. are used when two signatures are required on the drawdown.

Item k. For CTDOL use only.

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200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109 / Phone: 860-263-6000

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