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basic Information for Employers about Connecticut's Wage and Hour Laws*

Connecticut Department of Labor
Wage and Workplace Standards Division
Payroll Pal 96-002

*These laws apply in an employer-employee relationship.

This information should only be considered a guide and not a substitute for specific statutes and regulations. Please contact the Wage and Workplace Standards Division at (860) 263-6790 or  for further assistance. Note: Most employers are subject to coverage under both the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and Connecticut's minimum wage laws (Title 31 Chapter 558 Part I and II of the Connecticut General Statutes).  The employer must comply with the laws that provide the higher standard for employees.

An employer should be aware of the following requirements:

  1. Connecticut's minimum wage: $9.60 per hour.

  1. Connecticut's Overtime Pay.
    Each employer shall pay 1-1/2 times the employee's regular rate of pay after 40 hours in the workweek. Overtime pay is due for actual hours worked over 40.

    • No requirement to pay overtime on a daily basis, weekends, or holidays except by agreement.

    • There are some specific exceptions to overtime pay. For example:

      • agricultural employees.

      • executive, administrative, professional employees as defined by the Labor Commissioner.

      • any salesman primarily engaged in selling automobiles.

      • any driver or helper where the U.S. Secretary of Transportation has the power to establish qualifications and minimum hours of service.

      • any outside salesperson as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

  2. Connecticut's Record-Keeping Requirements.

    • Each employer shall keep at the place of employment for a period of three years a true and accurate time and wage record for each employee. The records shall also show the following:

      1. name.

      2. home address.

      3. occupation.

      4. total daily and weekly hours worked showing the beginning and ending time of each work period, computed to the nearest unit of 15 minutes.

      5. total hourly, daily, or weekly basic wage.

      6. overtime wage as a separate item.

      7. addition and deductions from wages each pay period.

      8. total wages paid each pay period.

      9. working certificates for 16-18 year old employees.

Please refer to Connecticut General Statutes, 31-58, 31-58a, 31-76b, 31-76c, 31-76i and 31-66.

  1. Wage Payment Requirements.

  • Weekly Pay Requirement.
    Each employer shall pay weekly all moneys due each employee on a regular payday, designated in advance by the employer in cash or negotiable check or upon the employee's written request, by credit to such employee's bank account.

  • Payment on Termination.
    The employer shall pay an employee who voluntarily terminates or is laid off on the next regular payday. If an employee is discharged all wages are due the next business day.

  • Withholding of Wages.
    No employer may withhold or divert any portion of an employee's wages unless required or empowered by state or federal law, the employer has written authorization from the employee on a form approved by the Labor Commissioner, or for a medical premium or retirement plan.

  • Employer to Furnish Certain Information.
    Each employer shall advise his employees in writing, at the time of hiring, the rate of remuneration hours of employment and wage payment schedules and make available to his employees either in writing or through a posted notice, any employment practices and policies or change therein with regard to wages, vacation pay, sick leave, health and welfare benefits and comparable matters.

  • Waiver of Weekly Pay Requirement.
    The Labor Commissioner may, upon application, permit the employer to establish pay days less frequently than weekly.

  1. Regulations for Specific Industries.

    • There are regulations covering the following industries:

      • Mercantile.

      • Dry Cleaning.

      • Laundry.

      • Restaurant.

      • Beauty Shops.

The Administrative Regulations cover all other industries and occupations.

You may obtain posters free of charge by writing to the Connecticut Labor Department, Wage & Workplace Standards Division, 200 Folly Brook Blvd., Wethersfield, CT 06109.




1. How do I obtain a waiver from the weekly pay requirement?
A letter or e-mail should be sent to the Director of the Wage and Workplace Standards Division describing the reason for the change and the desired frequency. Most requests are for a bi-weekly payroll. Thirty days notice should be given to employees affected by the change.
2. How do I receive permission to deduct from wages for specific reasons?
The employer can submit a sample deduction form to the Wage and Workplace Standards Division for consideration. Typical deductions are for employee loans or purchase, credit union, uniforms, and advances on fringe benefits.
3. May records be kept outside the place of employment?
Permission can be granted after a request is submitted to the Wage and Workplace Standards Division.
4. Does paying an employee by salary exempt them from overtime and record-keeping requirements?
No, the employee must meet the definition of an executive, administrative, or professional employee as defined by the Labor Commissioner. The employee must meet both a duties test and salary test. (See section 31-60-14,15,16 of the Administrative Regulations).

  200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109 / Phone: 860-263-6000

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