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A Guide to Prevailing Wage Laws in Connecticut
A Message from the Director

It is with great pride and pleasure that the Division provides this guidebook on prevailing wage to our clients, especially contracting agencies and contractors. The prevailing wage law was passed on the Federal level in 1932 with Connecticut enacting their law in 1933 which covered any public building. Over the years there have been many legislative changes to the law. In the appendix you will find a handy chart which relates the history of these changes. Due to the numerous changes and interpretations regarding this law, we have prepared this guidebook in a manner which should be helpful and user friendly.

The guidebook begins with an overview of the unit that administers this law and then a summary of the law itself as well as a synopsis of the last legislative action. The content is designed so that if you are a contracting agency or contractor there are specific sections which you should refer to for important information.

For contracting agencies the first section outlines basic definitions, how to request rates, and the debarred contractors list.

For contractors, we describe the laws and devote a whole section to certified payrolls and how to calculate the proper payment of prevailing wage. You will also find information regarding classifications and apprentices.

One of our primary goals has been to deliver our services timely and efficiently and what better way than through our Website. We have enclosed a sample web page which puts most of the information contained in this book on line. A contracting agency can e-mail rate requests to expedite their return.

As with any guidebook we could not cover all situations and the content does not take the place of the general statutes and regulations. You should consult your legal advisor or contact us directly for more detailed information.   Any information provided is without prejudice to the rights and privileges of the Labor Department and any defense to a legal action, citing this guidebook, shall be null and void.

Finally, I sincerely hope you find this guidebook helpful in answering any questions and that it will serve to encourage not only compliance but also a better understanding of the law.  

Gary K. Pechie, Director

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