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Reference Guide
Standard Wage Rates for Certain Service Workers

Explanation of Public Act 09-183

Essentially this public act creates a new method for determining hourly rates and benefits for specific classifications in the cleaning category.  The classifications will reflect occupations outlined in the collective bargaining agreement in Hartford county. 


  • The classifications of grounds maintenance laborer or laborer if hired before July 1, 2009 now are classified as janitors.
  • Any grounds maintenance laborer, laborer or janitor hired after  July 1, 2009 shall be classified as a light cleaner, heavy cleaner, furniture handler, or window cleaner, as appropriate.
  • There are now footnotes associated with these occupations that specify the amount of health and welfare benefits and how vacation, holiday, and personal days are calculated.
  • Definitions of Light Cleaner and Heavy Cleaner:
    • Heavy Cleaner
      All heavy mopping; all damp mopping in excess of one-half hour per shift; all work done on a ladder; most bathroom cleaning, except for wiping out sinks and replacing toilet supplies; buffing, stripping, waxing; use of any heavy machine; brass polishing; removing heavy trash and loading into gondolas, compactors; changing light bulbs, cleaning light fixtures; loading and unloading drums, boxes of cleaning material; high dusting, including use of extension poles and other tasks requiring extra strength, agility, and expertise.
    • Light Cleaner
      Spot dry moping of one-half hour or less per shift; emptying ashtrays; cleaning phones; spot cleaning; desk dusting; dusting within armís reach; emptying waste baskets into trash bags; vacuuming of no more than Ĺ of shift; wiping out sinks and replacing toilet supplies in bathrooms; no climbing; no extension poles and no lifting of more than 20 pounds.

For a complete list of changes refer to Public Act 09-183. 

The rates for all other classifications will continue to be determined according to the Federal Register of Wage Determinations under the Service Contract Act of 1965. 

For further explanation of the bill please contact the Wage and Workplace Standards Division at 860-263-6790.  You may also go to the Connecticut General Assembly website, and read the Office of Legislative Research analysis of the bill.


  • Public Act 09-183
  • Office of Legislation Research (OLR) Bill Analysis

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