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Questions and Answers Regarding Connecticut General Statutes, Section 31-221a-h, An Act Concerning Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)


1. What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?
PEO means any person engaged in the business of providing professional employer services, regardless of whether such person uses the term or conducts business as a professional employer organization, staff leasing company, registered staff leasing company, employee leasing company, administrative employer or any other name.
2. Does a PEO include a temporary help service or independent contractor arrangements?
No,  PEO does not include temporary help services or  independent contractor arrangements in which a person assumes responsibility for the product produced or service performed by such person or such person's agents and retains and exercises primary direction and control over the work performed by the individuals whose services are supplied under such arrangements.
3. Who needs to file a Professional Employer Organization application?
Each professional employer organization operating within this state on January 1, 2009, shall submit its initial registration not later than March 1, 2009, on form PEO-1.
4. What if my PEO is not operating within Connecticut on March 1, 2009?
Each professional employer organization not operating within this state as of January 1, 2009, shall complete its initial registration on form PEO-1, prior to commencement of operations within this state.
5. How do I file an application?
Go to the Connecticut Department of Labor?s Wage and Workplace Standards Division website and click on Professional Employer Organizations and follow the instructions.
6. Are there other forms to fill out other than the PEO-1?
Yes, the PEO must file documentation concerning their financial status depending on whether it has more or less than one hundred fifty thousand dollars in working capital.  The document entitled Instructions and List of Forms for PEOs and PEO Groups explains what forms your PEO must fill out.
7. Where do I send my registration fee and to whom should the check be made?
Send your completed application packet to Wage and Workplace Standards Division, 200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT  06109. The check should be made payable to Wage and Workplace Standards Division.
8. If I have questions concerning the registration process, who should I contact?
If you have any questions, contact Holly Carter at (860) 263-6549 of Wage and Workplace Standards or Heidi Lane at (860) 263-6765 at DOL's Program Policy Unit.

200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109 / Phone: 860-263-6000

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