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Employment Services
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The Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) program provides employment services such as job search assistance and skills training to recipients who receive Temporary Family Assistance (TFA).  All recipients of TFA who are subject to time-limits are required to participate in employment services.

Some TFA recipients may qualify for further education and training such as on-the-job training, occupational skills training, adult basic education, GED preparation and English as a second language.

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Job Search Skills Training
Series of modules presented in a group setting that, at a minimum, provide instruction in:

  • Identifying job leads
  • Researching jobs and industries
  • Completing job applications
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Employer expectations

Department of Labor's Job Search Guide:


GED Preparation
High School diploma equivalency option in which adults demonstrate, through a multi-part written examination, the attainment of academic skills and concepts normally acquired through completion of secondary school.

Web Site:


Individual Structured Job Search
This is a supervised individualized activity that assists individuals with job search efforts including:

  • Employment-related assessment and career planning
  • Exploration of an individual's employment options
  • Assistance with completing job applications
  • Assistance with preparing for job interviews and résumé development
  • Assistance accessing the one-stop self-help area

May also include assistance with accessing support services such as researching and arranging for child care and transportation options.


Job Readiness Training
This is a supervised group and individual job search activity. May include:

  • Classroom instruction in job search techniques, completing job applications, interviewing techniques, résumé development

  • Life skills training, orientation to the world of work, motivational exercises, family budgeting, etc.

  • Job placements and job development

  • Job seeker's support groups (job clubs)


Life Skills Training
Life skills training engages Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) participants in the orientation to the world of work, motivational exercises and family budgeting.


English as a Second Language (ESL)
Literacy instruction in a life skills or employability context for adults who have limited proficiency in the English language as well as difficulty in numeracy, computing and problem solving at levels necessary to function on the job, and/or in the family.



Vocational Education
Formal occupational skills training that prepares individuals for employment in a current or up-and-coming occupation. The training is provided in a classroom or workplace setting or a combination of the two.



Subsidized Employment
Employment in the private or public sector.  The employer receives a subsidy from federal or other public funds to pay for some or all of the wages and costs of employing an individual. Subsidized employment provides individuals with valuable job-readiness skills and work experience that can be useful towards attaining unsubsidized employment.


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