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Announcing the Connecticut Department of Labor's New Unemployment Tax and Benefits On-Line System

To All Employers Utilizing Connecticut Department of Labor Web Services (Online Tax filing and Payments or Online Account Status Maintenance):

As part of our ongoing commitment to upgrade the agency’s computer systems, we will be providing employers with a new log-in system with improved security features. Instead of using an employer registration number and agency-provided password to access the system, employers will be asked to create an individual account with a self-selected User ID and Password. Employers will also be able to establish sub-accounts giving designated employees and outside professionals access to their account. In order to use this new online system, a valid email address will be required.

If you utilize a payroll service (i.e. ADP, Paychex, Ceridian Tax Services, etc.) this change will not affect their ability to file tax returns and/or make tax payments on your behalf. You only need to establish your own User ID and Password if you need to access any of our web services yourself.

Below are some common questions that you may have concerning this change.

1. Why do I have to create a new Internet account?
This is part of our ongoing commitment to upgrade the agency's computer systems. Creating your own unique user ID and password provides employers with improved security features.

2. What do I need to create an Internet account?
To create an internet account you will need the following:

  • Your 7 digit Connecticut Department of Labor Registration number;

  • Your Federal Employer Identification Number;

  • A valid e-mail address;

  • Name of a contact person responsible for the account. *

* The contact person should be an officer, partner or principal of the business.

If you do not have a Federal Employer Identification Number, you must obtain one before attempting to create an Internet account. To apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number use this link: or call the IRS at 1-800-829-4933.

3. What if I forget my user ID and/or password?
Since a valid e-mail address is required to create an account the new system allows you to request your user ID and/or password be sent directly to that address.

4. My accountant files my returns on-line. How will they access my account to file and pay my returns?
An improvement with the new internet account system is that you, as the "administrator" of your Internet Account, have the ability to create one or more "sub-users" of your account. A sub-user is any individual (i.e. payroll manager, comptroller, accountant or payroll agent, etc.) that you give authority to access your CTDOL Internet Account to perform filings or make payments on your behalf. To create a sub-user, you will assign them their own unique user id and password. As the administrator of the account, you will have the ability to alter sub-user accounts or delete them if necessary.

5. Can I use my registration number as my user ID?
While your registration number can be part of your new user id, that alone would not suffice. The user ID must be at least 8 characters long.


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