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Unemployment Separation Packet / Filing For Unemployment Benefits Brochures

The Connecticut Department of Labor is using technology to provide a more convenient and efficient system for filing unemployment compensation claims.  These claims can be filed by telephone using our TeleBenefits system or online at

All calls to the TeleBenefits line will be answered by an automated voice response system which will explain the filing process and elicit certain data from the worker via touch tone phone, or voice. After the preliminary data has been collected, a service representative will complete the collection of information and finalize the process by validating data and identifying any eligibility issues requiring resolution.

To see if you are able to file your claim online access the Connecticut Department of Labor web site at  Select “File your New Claim, Weekly Claim, or make a Claim Inquiry on our Web Site.”  The Welcome Page will quickly let you know if are able to use the Web Benefits system.  If you are unable to us our Internet system, please call the TeleBenefits phone line to file your claim.

To ensure that workers know how and when to use the TeleBenefits line, and to facilitate the actual phone call, a separation packet (UC-62T/UC-61) which incorporates the UC-61 Separation Notice with the filing information should be given to the employee. The UC-61 section requiring completion by the employer is contained on the reverse of the last page of the packet, or the first page if accessed on-line.

You can obtain additional quantities of the separation packet by e-mailing the Department of Labor at (please specify quantity, company name, and mailing address).

The use of automated tools and consolidation of services into call centers will help to insure standardization and uniformity of services. Mailings to employers regarding eligibility hearings and requests for separation information will be machine produced, readable, timely, and contain data necessary for the employer to respond in a timely fashion. The call centers will also be a central source of information for many of the inquiries employers have about the Unemployment Insurance law and process. We welcome your participation and cooperation in this endeavor.

NOTE: The UC-61 form included in this packet may be filled-in online.  However, depending on the performance of individual computers and/or printers, online filling may not be possible. 

To print a filled-in form, press the "Finished" button at the bottom of the form, then click the printer icon located on the Acrobat toolbar.

Download Separation Packet Here!  
  • PDF (135KB) not fillable, print only
  • PDF (365KB) - Fillable online, PRINT VERSION

  • En español - PDF (792KB) solo imprimir, no para rellenar

  • En español - PDF (PDF, 827KB) para rellenar e imprimir

Filing for Unemployment Benefits Brochure  
(PDF, 76KB)

Folleto sobre como solicitar beneficios por desempleo(PDF, 92KB)

Skorzystaj z Telefonu lub internetu (PDF, 92KB)




Contents of Packet
Form Number 

Form Purpose

UC-60 Authorization of Release of Wage and Pension Information
UC-61 Unemployment Notice (Fillable on-line)
UC-62T Filing Initial Unemployment Claim by Telephone
UC-625 Voluntary Withholding of Income Tax from Unemployment Benefits

 Contenido del paquete de separación de empleo

Número del Formulario

Propósito del Formulario


Autorización para dar información sobre pensión y pagos


Notificación por desempleo (llene la información en línea)


Solicitar por teléfono su reclamo inicial de desempleo


Deducciones Voluntarias de Impuestos

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