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TELEBENEFITS 'Dial to File' - Questions and Answers



Claimant Questions

1.  How do I apply for unemployment benefits?
Connecticut is one of several states that allow claimants to file over the phone using the TeleBenefits 'Dial to File'.  This system is a good alternative for those individuals unable to use our Online filing services.
2.  What is the name of this system?
The computerized system is known as the TeleBenefits 'Dial to File' program. Two types of unemployment claims will be filed using this system:
      1. initial claims, for people opening a new claim, and
      2. continued claims, for people who are continuing to receive weekly benefits. Up until now, only continued unemployment
          claims were processed by telephone
3.  How does the 'Dial to File' TeleBenefits system work?
Initial and continued unemployment claims will be taken over the phone. Callers dialing a local telephone number will be connected to an automated system. To establish a claim, callers will be required to answer a series of questions using either the phone keypad or speaking their answers into the phone. After responding to a series of questions, the caller is connected to a TeleBenefits customer service representative who assists the caller in completing the claim. Representatives are also available to assist callers having difficulty responding to automated-system questions.
4.  How will I know which number to call?
Individuals should receive a separation packet from their employer that lists the local phone numbers to call. Individuals who do not receive a separation packet can find the list of numbers on DOL's Web site at or call their local Department of Labor office listed in the blue pages of the phone book.
5.  What is a separation packet?
The separation packet known as the UC-62T/UC-61) is a comprehensive guide to filing for unemployment benefits under the new program. The packet includes the UC-61 Separation Notice, also known as the "pink slip," to be completed by the employer. In addition to local DOL numbers, this packet provides the questions that will be asked by the TeleBenefits  'Dial to File' system, automated system, along with the list of information a caller will need to have handy when filing a claim.
6.  What if I don't receive a separation packet
Although callers do not need a separation packet to call the TeleBenefits 'Dial to File' system, the packet will help speed up the claim process considerably since callers will know in advance what questions will be asked, and what type of information they will need to provide.
7.  What information will be expected when calling?
The following information should be handy when calling:
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Names and addresses of all employers you worked for during the last two years
  • Dates of employment (first and last day you worked for each employer during the last two years)

The following information may also be needed:

  • DD214 Member Copy 4 (if you served in the military during the last two years)
  • Your last pay stub and if issued, your SF 8, SF 50 (if you worked for the federal gov't. during the last two years)
  • Your 9-digit alien registration number (if you are not a U.S. citizen).
8.  When should a person call to apply for unemployment benefits?
Your claim is effective at the beginning of the week in which you call. A claim should be filed as soon as your job ends. If your social security number ends in 0 or 1, you may call any day of the week.  If it ends in 2,3,4 or 5, you can call Tuesday through Friday. Any number may call Wednesday through Friday. On a week with a Monday holiday, 0,1or 2 may call on Tuesday. Any number may call Wednesday through Friday. TeleBenefits for Initial Claims operates Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
9.  What if a caller is unable to use the phone due to a disability?
Deaf or hearing-impaired callers may reach the TeleBenefits 'Dial to File' system, by calling 1-800-842-9710. Individuals with disabilities or barriers preventing them from using the telephone to file a claim can also visit the closest Department of Labor office at the address provided in the blue pages of the telephone book. All offices are accessible to people with disabilities.
10. Are there any changes in how callers file continued UI claim?
No. Callers will still use the automated TeleBenefits system, for filing continuing unemployment insurance claims.
11. What are the local numbers for the TeleBenefits 'Dial to File' program
Local Numbers Calling Area  
(203) 230-4939 Ansonia, Hamden, New Haven  
(203) 579-6291 Bridgeport  
(203) 797-4150 Danbury  
(860) 423-2521 Danielson, Willimantic  
(860) 566-5790 Greater Hartford, including Bristol, Enfield, Manchester, New Britain  
(860) 344-2993 Meriden, Middletown  
(860) 443-2041 New London, Norwich  
(203) 348-2696 Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk  
(860) 482-5581 Torrington  
(203) 596-4140 Waterbury  

Callers in the Kent, North Thompson, Salisbury, Sharon, Stafford Springs, Westport and Wilton exchanges may call
1-800-354-3305. This number is not accessible statewide. It is only for these seven exchanges. Callers living out of state
should use the Interstate number, 1-800-942-6653.




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