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Out of Work Due to STORM Sandy? 

If you missed work due to Storm Sandy, you can file a claim to see if you are eligible for benefits.  If you have returned to work, or have a date to return to work within the next six weeks, you and your employer can complete and mail the UC-62V claim application.  The form and instructions can be found here: 

If you were out of work for less than a full week you may be eligible for partial benefits.  Two-thirds of your gross weekly earnings would be deducted from your Weekly Benefit Rate (WBR). 

For example: If your WBR is $200, and you worked five hours at $12 per hour ($60), then two-thirds of your earnings (2/3 x $60 = $40) would be deducted from $200, leaving you with a payment of $160. 

If the employer can not or will not complete the UC-62V, you can file the claim by telephone by calling the TeleBenefits line for you local area.  You may find your local TeleBenefits number at .

Select option 3 to file an initial claim.

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