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A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities When Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut
Dislocated Workers

If you are being laid off, or already have lost your job through no fault of your own, you may be a dislocated worker.

Dislocated workers may be eligible for certain federal, state and community services, whether you are seeking new skills, a new employer, or to start a business of your own.

You may be a dislocated worker if:

  • you have been laid off or terminated, or have received notice of layoff or  termination, are eligible for, or have exhausted your unemployment benefits, and are unlikely to return to your previous industry or occupation.
  •  you have been employed for a time period sufficient to demonstrate Aattachment to the workforce@ to a One-Stop Center operator but are not eligible for unemployment compensation because of your type of job duties or insufficient earnings.
  • you have been laid off because of a permanent plant closing or major layoff.
  • you were self-employed (such as a small business owner or farmer) and are now unemployed because of local economic conditions or a natural disaster.
  • you have not received individual notice of termination but your employer has made a general announcement of a planned closure.
  • you are a displaced homemaker.

If any of these situations apply to you, ask at your local American Job Center to be certified as a dislocated worker.


You may enroll in training while receiving Unemployment Insurance, providing it does not interfere with your job search or ability to accept full- time work.  Some training programs for dislocated workers waive job search requirements while you collect unemployment insurance, but these must be approved in advance.  Unemployment Insurance is not extended because you are in training except through Trade Act approval.

Dislocated workers and their family members often are eligible for special consideration when applying for federal student financial aid.  To qualify, you must be certified as a dislocated worker at an American Job Center and receive a signed form to give to your college financial aid officer as proof of your status.  You may do this as soon as you have a layoff notice.

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