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Click here for EUC FAQ's  UPDATED APRIL 19, 2012



Due to the most recent extension to the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, signed by the President on December 17, 2010, the eligibility has been extended to January 3, 2012, and weekly payment will end June 9, 2012.

  1. UI claimants may receive a maximum entitlement of up to ninety-nine (99) weeks of total UI benefits (Combination of Regular “State” UI Benefits, Emergency Unemployment Compensation Benefits, Extended Benefits (“EB”) and High Extended Benefits (“HEB”)).

  2. This EUC extension does NOT apply to individuals who have previously received their maximum entitlement (up to 99 weeks of total UI benefits).

  3. CTDOL will identify eligible claimants and notify them of their entitlement for EUC benefits.

  4. UI claimants not residing in Connecticut, whose payment of EB has been stopped because the state in which they reside discontinued payment of EB, may be entitled to retroactive payment of benefits.  This applies to residents of states in which the payment of EB benefits has been retroactively restored by recent legislation.  CTDOL is in the process of identifying these eligible claimants.  Weekly claims that have been filed but unpaid for this reason will be released for payment as long as they are otherwise eligible.

  5. The Federal Additional Compensation (“FAC”) of $25 per week was NOT extended and has begun phasing out. However, FAC continues to be payable during the phase-out period to claimants who, as of June 2, 2010,

    • had not yet exhausted all rights to State benefits, or

    • qualify for new EUC or EB benefits (on the basis of the State claim with FAC).

    Note: FAC is not payable for any weeks of unemployment after December 11, 2010.

  6. A modification to the EUC program will allow the continuation of EUC payment whenever a claimant becomes eligible for state benefits under the following conditions:

    • has remaining EUC entitlement on a benefit year ending after July 22, 2010; and

    • would qualify for state compensation in a subsequent (new) benefit year with a weekly benefit amount at least $100 or 25 percent less than the weekly benefit amount payable on the EUC claim.

  7. Any EUC benefits paid continue to be 100% federally funded.

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