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CONN-OSHA Statistics

Welcome to Connecticutís Occupational Safety and Healthís (CONN-OSHA) statistics unit. CONN-OSHA collects data on workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities occurring in both public and private sectors. We also provide training on OSHA Recordkeeping.

Injuries & Illnesses, non-fatal
Detailed information on work-related injuries and illnesses are collected and published each year. The tables below are only a sampling of our data. If you canít find the information youíre looking for, please contact our office.

Connecticut loses an average of 40 workers each year to workplace injuries. Most of these deaths are due to transportation accidents, homicides, and falls. We provide data on these fatal injuries from 1992 Ė 2009. Data on work-related illnesses are also collected. However, data on fatal illnesses is not published because it is difficult to link an illness to a specific employer or work environment.


OSHA Recordkeeping
CONN-OSHA provides training and instructional materials on OSHA Recordkeeping. Most training sessions are at the Connecticut Department of Laborís main office in Wethersfield. Upon request, we will provide in-house training at your establishment.


Connecticut Occupational Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities 2003-2012


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Please direct your questions or requests to:

CONN-OSHA Statistics
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