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We provide face to face access to thousands of job seekers
On average, more than one
third of attendees have a college degree or higher, and the majority have work experience
and skills you're looking for. And because our events are co-sponsored or coordinated
with colleges and universities, they also provide you with graduates eager to join the
business world. So whether you have a need for highly-skilled and educated workers,
job-ready candidates looking to start their career, or those seeking to upgrade their
position, you can't afford to miss our events.

Customer satisfaction
is what makes Connecticut Career Fairs so appealing to recruiters
throughout the state. With 15 years experience in producing professionally run fairs, our
staff goes far beyond others to ensure all your needs are met before and during the event.
With our many years of experience, we’ve come to know what it takes to provide a
smooth-running, enjoyable event.

Success, not profit is what we stand behind.
With the cost of recruitment constantly
rising, we can help you succeed in finding the right candidates at a very low cost.
Compare our price for an event package with others and see which fair really has your
needs in mind.

Advertising on local radio, social media platforms, newspaper ads, community calendar
listings, press releases and newsletter notifications
. In addition, Thousands of jobseekers
are also reached through Twitter, Facebook and email, along with advertisements via the
Department of Labor website, American Job Centers, veterans’ centers, local libraries and
community organizations
, with another 112,000 searches through CTHires. What
other job fair group can provide so much exposure for your business?

Location of our career fairs in all major areas of the state provides greater access
to jobseekers. Our sites are always easily accessible with free parking, and near
major highways. We partner with area businesses and civic organizations to guarantee
the event is suited to your local needs, and is well publicized.

Employers Don’t Miss Out
Employers who would like to receive information about our upcoming
job fairs and other events can sign up by clicking here


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