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By Michael Lynders, a student at Shelton High

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Working Papers

  • The rules regarding CT's Child Labor Laws ensure that our young people are able to work and learn in a safe environment while furthering their education and preparing for future careers.

  • Family-owned businesses are not exempt from following laws and regulations.

  • 14 and 15 year-olds only need Working Papers in specific instances.
  • 16 and 17 year-olds all need Working Papers in order to be employed.

  • All minors must be paid the prevailing minimum wage.

The issuance of working papers in the State of Connecticut ensures that individuals under the age of 18 are employed in occupations that are acceptable under the law and that are appropriate based on the minor's age.

Our state and federal governments have enacted laws as safeguards so that minors do not perform harmful or hazardous work and so that employers do not hire minors inappropriately or based on falsified information. Depending on the age of the minor, there are limitations on the number of hours/days that can be worked.

Working Papers, officially referred to as Certificate of Age Form, is used as a verification of a minor's legal age for employment purposes. The superintendent of schools of any local or regional school district, or an agent designated by the superintendent, issues the Working Papers to any resident under the age of 18 who desires employment and has met all the requirements. Working Papers are obtained from a student's public high school or superintendent's office upon presentation of a promise of employment from an employer and documentation of the minor's age.

The Connecticut Departments of Labor and Education work collaboratively to ensure that all minors are protected and all employers comply with the workplace standards established for minors.

For further information on Working Papers, contact: Maureen Wagner, Education Consultant at the CT State Department of Education,