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By Michael Lynders, a student at Shelton High

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About the Connecticut Young Worker Health and Safety Team

Since its inception in 1998, the Connecticut Young Worker Health and Safety Team has grown into a comprehensive membership of representatives from federal, state, local governmental and educational organizations.  We are a nationally recognized group of professionals dedicated to promoting and protecting the health, welfare, and safety of our young workers as they enter the working world. 

We provide informational support to businesses, educators, parents, and Connecticut’s young workers about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.  Team members offer professional development, resources, data, educational materials and events focused on preparing youth, and the adults working with them, to better navigate the world of work. 

In addition, the Team offers workshops on Working Papers for school officials; professional development on young worker safety awareness to educators in a train the trainer model and annual exhibits and events for legislators and the public at the State Capitol to expand awareness of young worker issues.