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File for Unemployment Benefits

Click here for UC-1099G tax form information.

Click here if you are a resident of Puerto Rico, in Connecticut and in need of instructions on how to file PR Unemployment Benefits

                           Tip Sheet for Filing for Unemployment Insurance Benefits During Peak Season


**Please note: the start date for your claim is always on the Sunday of the week when you submit the application for benefits.  As a rule, claims are not backdated to your last day of work.**

  Access Your Existing Account

   NEW!!! - Please select this service to file a
   NEW CLAIM or to REOPEN an existing claim.  
  Instructions on How to File on CT Direct Benefits Site
   PLEASE NOTE: This service does not support
   Weekly/Continued Claim filing.

Use this service for the following:
• File your Weekly/Continued Claim
• Select/Change Direct Deposit or Debit Card
• Check status of your most recent payment
• View Payment History

Live Chat is currently unavailable due to increased seasonal claim activity to allow DOL staff to process unemployment claims. If you need assistance with your claim, please visit a full service American Job Center. Locations and hours can be found here.


Claimant's Guide to Unemployment Benefits

Effective October 6, 2019, the maximum weekly benefit rate (WBR) will be $649

quick Click - For Immediate Assistance Use These Links:

Please allow approximately 3 – 5 business days for requests below to be processed.

Please note: If you wish to report your return to work status, please visit your local American Job Center.   

Next steps after filing your Unemployment Claim
Lost your Debit Card? Call Key Bank Customer Service at 1- 866-295-2955



   *If you still have funds remaining on your Chase debit card, please click here

    Pay Back Unemployment Compensation Overpayments Online

Upon filing for unemployment benefits via their home or mobile devices, some customers tell us that entities not associated with the Labor Department are offering bank services, sometimes in the form of a debit card. These services are not endorsed by the agency and may carry fees beyond our control. As a reminder, we offer two options for receiving unemployment benefits –  Direct Deposit or a KeyBank Debit Card – with both services offered through a bank under contract with us. We strongly encourage claimants to use one of these methods to receive benefits. 

Telephone assistance is not available for Unemployment Claims - please do not call 860-263-6000 for Unemployment Claims assistance.

200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109 / Phone: 860-263-6000

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